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The Year Round International Short Film Festival

Monthly Screening & Discussions is a Year Round International Short Film Festival. The screening conducted throughout the year as the main activity of Minikino. It has been started since its first month in Denpasar, Bali in October 2002.

Minikino’s Monthly Screening & Discussion presents a unique program of short films from around the world with moderator-led discussions. The event has since given opportunities for short filmmakers to have a wider impact. By presenting their films in Minikino Monthly Screening & Discussion, it also gives the audience an opportunity to see and discuss about films they might never get to see otherwise.

Through Monthly Screening & Discussion activities, Minikino promotes exchanges and networks between filmmakers and audience. Some filmmaking projects were found by filmmakers who happened to meet as audience in a regular screening and discussion of Minikino.

Minikino has worked with dozens of screening partners in various cities / regions in Indonesia, through special programs such as Indonesia Raja and S-Xpress Southeast Asia, then later on, Bali International Short Film Festival; MINIKINO FILM WEEK

Latest schedules of the MONTHLY SCREENING & DISCUSSION