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About Indonesia Raja

In 2015, INDONESIA RAJA is one of the program established by MINIKINO as inter-cities/areas collaboration in Indonesia in a form of short films program exchange. It includes screenings and discussions with filmmakers and programmers from participating cities/areas. Designed as an annual program, INDONESIA RAJA is now on its third year.

Simply put , the programmer of each city/ area is assigned to select short films to be included in a program intact completed with a theme and introduction writing. The program is expected to provide a glimpse of short films production in cities/areas involved.

The name INDONESIA RAJA in old Bahasa Indonesia spelling is INDONESIA RAYA which can also be interpreted that MINIKINO upholds INDONESIA like a respected and loved king (‘Raja’ in English is King).

INDONESIA RAJA also have other meaning for MINIKINO. It is a title of short films compilation on VCD released in 2003 titled “Minikino Shorts 2: Indonesia Raja” with 7 short films from 7 Indonesian filmmaker. Supposedly it was a historical moment in the Indonesian short films history because it’s the first commercial widely distributed Indonesian short films compilation that reach international audience through film festivals in Asia, Europe and America.