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February 2006, Minikino Monthly screening and discussion

Antimatter Underground Film Festival

at Minikino’s monthly screening and discussion, February 2006

Dedicated to the exhibition and nurturing of film and video as art, Antimatter has grown into the premier showcase of experimental film in the west. Encompassing screenings, installations, performances and hybrid media experiments, Antimatter provides a noncompetitive festival setting in Victoria, British Columbia, free from commercial and industry agendas.

The highest standards of curatorial practice are employed to build thematic programs of innovative film and video selected from international submissions. In addition, our annual Foreign Matter series has become the incubator for hundreds of short films, all new to North American audiences, compiled and contextualized by international curators. Reciprocally, Antimatter delivers curated programs of new Canadian work to international audiences through our Foreign Matter tours. Since 1998, the quality and creativity of its programming, commitment to audience development, and respect for filmmakers and their work have made Antimatter one of the most important media arts events in Canada, and the world.

The Foreign Matter touring programs are organized and curated by Deborah de Boer (Curator, Antimatter) and Todd Eacrett (Festival Director, Antimatter)

Rogue Art / Antimatter Underground Film Festival
1322 Broad Street, Victoria, BC, Canada V8W 2A9
Tel/Fax: 250-385-3327
Web Site: www.antimatter.ws

Nocturnes has been assembled to create a kind of visual and emotional vertigo in the audience. Through a paucity of natural light, the repetitive movement common to trance states and mental dissolution, and the manipulation of our human scale as a frame of reference, these works disorient and confound. Human beings-or the objects which stand in for our humanity-inhabit a shadowy landscape littered with the detritus of technology, rife with voids and unseen things which menace nonetheless, and seemingly without access to the redemptive powers of nature. Nocturnes is a series of dystopias: emotional, economical, spiritual and physical. The malaise of Nocturnes is a contemporary first-world malaise; a dysfunctional neurosis borne of privilege and consumption. The safety and clarity lost to us in these filmic netherworlds we have let slip away voluntarily, or at least without putting up much of a fight. We have chosen instead a dark and fertile terrain of desire, obsession, compulsion and possession set against the backdrop of a looming industrial complex, where all paths lead to alienation and madness.


(Brian Joseph Davis/video/2002/Can/4:30)

Two children communicate with Satan using their Lite Brite. Boogyman skewers superstitious fears by using adult actors to mime the everyday behaviour of normal children to recreate the visual conventions and effects of horror films like The Exorcist.


Argent Liquide (Cash Flow)
(Shaun Andrews/16mm/2002/Canada/11:08)

Argent Liquide is a darkly comic, expressionistic journey into the inner psychological workings of you and your local automated teller. Through deft use of irony and metaphor, the film raises timely questions about money, technology and surveillance within a highly commercialized society while exploring the sadomasochistic and narcoticizing relationship we form with money and the system it represents.


(Jay Johnson/video/2001/Can/7:15)

Inspired by “The Wax Dolls of Lotte Pritzel” by Rilke, Nocturne recounts a melancholic tale of magic and metaphor as seen through the eyes of a small androgynous doll.


Resolving Power
(François Miron/35mm on video/2001/Can/18:00)

“A dreamy and beautifully shot film that entrances the audience with its atmospheric sound design (by Helios Creed, Peter Namlook, Jason Martz) and stream of consciousness images. Starring Montreal comic Rick Trembles, who also provides animated vignettes, and marking a more live-action turn for experimental film staple François Miron, Resolving Power is a film about obsession, and the love for electricity and celluloid.” – Karim Hussain, Fantasia Film Festival


(Jason Arsenault/video/2002/Canada/3:40)

Set in the abandoned shower rooms of an old Montreal pool, Angor conveys a powerful sense of alienation, anxiety and incipient menace.


(Gwynne Fulton/16mm/2002/Can/10:50)

An experimental psycho-horror film about a deranged hospital chambermaid’s nightmarish vision of her repressed fantasies. Shot in black and white and optically printed on colour stock, Lüstmord is a carnival of the perverse where sexual paranoia triggers fears of infection and sickness as punishment for moral and sexual transgression.


Le Viaduc d’Or
(Clark Nikolai/video/2002/Can/3:42)

By day, a dumpster diver finds a mannequin to love, a harassed woman puts on a male disguise and a drug-addicted hustler scores. By night, their diurnal lives are forgotten when they become whoever they want to be, online.


(Brian Joseph Davis/video/2003/Can/18:00)

An extraordinary filmic implosion of Poe’s “Fall of the House of Usher,” set in a Canadian suburban nowhere.

QB World Books Kemang, Jakarta Selatan
Tuesday, 28 February 2006, 19:00 WIB

Oktagon Gallery, Jakarta Pusat
Sunday, 26 February 2006, 14:00

free entry – please be on time

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