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Happy New Year 2007!

Early this year, minikino pick S-EXPRESS INDONESIA 2005: FARAWAY LANDS, that remains from the last year’s s-express series.

S-Express Indonesia 2005 was programmed by Minikino, to represent Indonesian Shorts in 2005. This program was screened in 7th JiFFest 2005 in Jakarta, as well as in other South East Asian Countries

S-Express was inisiated by Yuni Hadi (Substation, Singapore), Amir Muhammad (Malaysian Shorts), dan Chalida Uabumrungjit (Thai Film Foundation) in 2002. Minikino participated since 2004 for the short film program part of Indonesia. in 2005, S-Express has the addition of programs, from the Philippines (programmed by Alexis A. Tioseco) and from China (programmed by Maggie Lee).
S-Express is a regional collaboration in short films program, includes screenings and talks by filmmakers and curators from the participating countries (Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Philippines, and China) is an insight to developments of the filmmaking in Asia.


Strangely Beautiful
Angga D. Sasongko, Indonesia 2005, Digital Video, 6 minutes

A lyrical piece – they fall in love, then in desperation. Until it came; the desire to unbind and run away together.

Angga (born 1985) started making short films in high school. Now in his final year in University of Indonesia; he is shooting his first feature-length in January 2006.


Indonesian Workers in UK
Zeke Haris, Indonesia 2005, Digital Video, 7 minutes

A light, hearty and honest recollection of three Indonesian masseurs whose life’s journeys cross paths in UK.

Zeke (born 1977) leads his two bands, Lain and Zeke And The Popo, and keeps making films after graduating New York Film Academy.


Kara Anak Sebatang Pohon (Kara The Daughter Of A Tree)
Edwin, Indonesia 2005, 16mm and Digital Video, 7 minutes

Kara lost her mother when she was being born. Ronald McDonald is convicted. The media peeps in her private life. She’s disturbed, and went to see Ronald McDonald.

Edwin (born 1978) is the most prolific short filmmaker in Indonesia. This particular short was selected for Cannes’ Directors’ Fortnight in 2005.


Perjalanan Pulang (Going Home)
Dimas Agung, Indonesia 2005, Digital Video, 4 minutes

A trip home could be boring if you do not invent certain competitiveness.

Dimas (born 1984) assists the animator Wahyu Aditya in running Hellomotion, an animation and digital film school.


Klayaban (A Tale Of An Outcast)
Farishad Latjuba, Indonesia/Czech Republic 2005, Super 16mm, 15 minutes

A restaurant owner has just hired a new guy to work in his restaurant. One night, two unexpected guests visit the restaurant to unravel the past.

Echa (born 1971) makes his short films in between television commercial projects and administering his film website, layarperak.com .


Unrescued World: Zeke and the Popo
Irwan Ahmett/Siti Irma, Indonesia 2005, Digital Video, 5 minutes

A line animation music video trying to defy all rules of gravity and logic of story.

Siblings Irwan Ahmett (born 1975) and Siti Irma (born 1977) both went to Jakarta Institute of the Arts, respectively majoring in graphic design and directing. This is their first collaboration – “a tiring 4 months”.


Lucky Kuswandi, Indonesia/US 2005, Digital Video, 15 minutes

A doubtful young boy waveringly cruises his life to come in terms with his father.

Lucky (born 1980) is a graduate of the Art Center College of Design, Pasadena, USA with a degree in Filmmaking. He is now writing his first feature-length.

Griya Musik Irama Indah, Denpasar
Sunday, 28 January 2007, 15:00 WITA
Contact: Edo Wulia, M: +62 (0)856 376 2832

Oktagon Gallery, Jakarta Pusat
Sunday, 28 January 2007, 14:00
Contact: Dian, M: +62 (0)816 115 6999

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