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Minikino Open December

Minikino Open December, is a short film screening event that is open to local short filmmakers or anyone pretends to be local, where the Open December event is being held. As the name implies, this activity is open to short filmmakers to include their short film with no selection/programming at all – yet Minikino only provides 2 hours of total play time as limit, furthermore one of the production team / filmmakers must presents at the show. And the film with the shortest duration will be played first!

Minikino Open December has begun in 2003, at Irama Indah Denpasar – Bali on December 21, 2003, Octagon Gallery Jakarta on December 21, 2003 and at QB Kemang Jakarta on December 17, 2003. Minikino Open December activities still continue every year to date .

More about December Open? please write an email to info@minikino.org

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