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MMSD January 2022: Tech Tales (en)


MASH DENPASAR Art House Cinema

15 Januari 2022, 19:30 – 21:00 WITA (UTC+8)

location map: minikino.org/MASHDenpasar


16 Januari 2022, 18:30 – 20:00

location map: minikino.org/umaseminyak

Read more about the program here https://engagemedia.org/projects/tech-tales/

Originally from Palo Alto, California, Jack Brook is a Cambodia-based filmmaker and journalist. He is currently an editor with the Southeast Asia Globe, a publication focusing on human rights and environmental justice issues. Previously, he received a fellowship at the Bophana Audiovisual Resources Center in Phnom Penh to study the Khmer language. He graduated with a degree in history at Brown University in 2019. Brook’s reporting on copper mining and mega-dams has been supported by the Pulitzer Center. He was part of a team that conducted a year-long investigation into elder abuse that helped change criminal justice policies in Rhode Island.

Read more at https://engagemedia.org/projects/tech-tales/not-love-songs/

Annisa Adjam is an independent filmmaker in Indonesia who believes in the value of filmmaking for change. She is an alumna of Kyoto Filmmakers Lab (2019) and Raindance Directing Foundation (2017) and earned a master’s degree in Filmmaking from Kingston University London. She is currently producing an inclusive feature documentary film about Disability-Arts, which was selected for IF/Then South East Asia Lab by Tribeca Film Institute (2020) and Yamagata Documentary Dojo (2021). Annisa also received a grant from the Indonesian Ministry of Education for this work.

Read more at https://engagemedia.org/projects/tech-tales/my-clouded-mind/

Vijitra Duangdee is a Thailand-based producer/reporter. She worked as a reporter and presenter on Thai TV andr Reuters’ TV in Hong Kong, and as a stringer and reporter for AFP news agency, South China Morning Post (SCMP) and Voice of America (VOA). She also produced and directed short films (SCMP Films) about one of Thailand’s richest people as well as about a brilliant, transgender campaigner -to reflecting modern Thai society and the issues impacting Thailand.

Read more at https://engagemedia.org/projects/tech-tales/pattani-calling/

Yihwen “Wen” Chen is a Malaysian documentary filmmaker and journalist. In the last decade, she has edited, filmed, wrote, produced, and directed international documentaries for History Channel, Crime and Investigation Network, and Channel News Asia. Her documentary on female circumcision won the 2019 Society of Professional Journalists Award (SOPA) for Excellence in Reporting Women’s Issues. She is also a Pulitzer Center grantee.

Read more at https://engagemedia.org/projects/tech-tales/the-offensive-internet/

Richard Soriano Legaspi completed his Bachelor of Fine Arts degree at the University of the East, majoring in Advertising Arts. In 2007, he studied filmmaking at the Asian Film Academy in Busan, South Korea. His films have been officially selected in more than 150 international film festivals. In 2013, Legaspi received the prestigious UNESCO Laureate artist recognition 2013. Legaspi was also a resident artist of the Università delle Idee in Italy where he also won the ILLY DESIGN PRIZE – Art for Social Change.

Read more at https://engagemedia.org/projects/tech-tales/panulukan-crossroads/

Varun is an interdisciplinary artist, primarily working with visual and aural narratives. He has worked with a range of media, including animation, illustrations and painting, fiction and non-fiction filmmaking, music video making, theater, and music. Varun’s work concerns individual memory in relation to the collective, the politics of identity, and death.

Read more at https://engagemedia.org/projects/tech-tales/invisible-mundu/

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