Southeast Asia Short Film

The S-Express Short Film Program Exchange was initiated in 2002 by Yuni Hadi (Singapore), Amir Muhammad (Malaysia) and Chalida Uabumrungjit (Thailand). It is an annual event in the form of short film exchange programs showcased on a regional scale.

Southeast Asia Short Film Exchange

Minikino joined the S-Express network in 2003, opening the doors of Indonesia’s short program distribution to neighboring countries in the Southeast Asia region. Having been a regular part part of Minikino’s Monthly Screenings and Discussions for several years, the S-Express screening became a part of the annual film festival, Minikino Film Week in 2015. For several years, in 2015 the S-Express screening become part of the annual film festival, Minikino Film Week.

Until now, S-Express remains the only channel for the exchange of short film programs connecting Southeast Asian countries. The annual S-Express programs have different meaning for each country involved and have become an important part of the history and development of short film in Southeast Asia.

Until now, since its inception in 2002, S-Express remains the most important movement for short film production in Southeast Asia, boasting an increasingly significant network.