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2020 International Jury board consists of art, literature and film professionals that are diverse in nationality, disciplines and gender. Jury Board members are invited to preview the 2020 nominated short films that have passed through the pre-selection.

The judging process will be done by writing personal comments on various subjects of the cinematic aspects of each film that was nominated for 2020 Awards of Minikino Film Week 6.

The final results from the jury board are addressed as recommendations, and the final decision will be taken by the festival committee. Minikino Film Week 6 is honored to have their service.


Author, Writer, Festival Director “ReelOzInd!, Australia – Indonesia Short Film Competition”, Melbourne, Australia.

Jemma Purdey is a Fellow at the Australia-Indonesia Centre (AIC). She has written widely on Indonesian politics and contemporary history and about Australia’s relationship with Indonesia. Her books include Anti-Chinese Violence in Indonesia, 1996-1998 (2006) and From Vienna to Yogyakarta: The life of Herb Feith (2011) and she is co-author with Antje Missbach and Dave McRae of Indonesia: State and Society in Transition (2019). Jemma is Chair of the board and Commissioning Editor of the magazine Inside Indonesia, co-host of the podcast Talking Indonesia and founding Director of the AIC’s ReelOzInd! Australia Indonesia Short Film Competition & Festival.


Author, Writer, Lecturer, Journalist, Bali, Indonesia.

Kadek Sonia Piscayanti was born in Singaraja, Bali. She teaches in the English Education Department, Ganesha University of Education and published some books, poems and academic books on literature. She managed an art community “Mahima” and established an independent publisher, “Mahima Institute Indonesia” based in Singaraja, Bali. In 2011 and 2012 she was invited for Creative Writing Program at Griffith University, Gold Coast, Australia. In 2013 she spoke about women and identity in OzAsia Festival, Adelaide Australia. In 2018, she received a grant from the Ford Foundation for her documentary theater 11 Mothers, 11 Stages, 11 Stories. Recently, she performed her works on literature in India, Malaysia, Thailand, China and Nepal. She continuously works on women empowerment through arts and culture until now.


Film curator/programmer, Festival Director Image Forum, Japan.

Born in Tokyo, Japan. Has been festival director of Image Forum Festival since 2001. Programmer of Theater Image Forum in Shibuya, Tokyo since 2005. Has been guest programmer/curator for many film and media art festivals and film events in and outside Japan, such as: Transmediale (Berlin), Bozar (Brussells), Arkipel International Documentary and Experimental Film Festival (Jakarta), Sea Shorts (Malaysia), Seoul New Media Festival Festival (Seoul) etc. Also curator for the film exhibition/DVD project for Japanese emerging independent animation artist “THINKING AND DRAWING”(2001). Advisor for collection of film and video for Asian Culture Center in Kwangju, Korea. Has served as jury for many international film/art festivals such as Hong Kong International Film Festival, Cannes Director’s Fortnight, Rotterdam International Film Festival, Tampere International Film Festival etc.


Screenwriter, Author, Writer, Jakarta, Indonesia.

Prima Rusdi is an Indonesian screenwriter/writer/filmmaker who resides in Jakarta. She is currently working with producer Ifa Isfansyah and writer/director Kamila Andini on a feature length script called YUNI which was selected as part of Torino Film Lab 2018. Yuni is currently on a pre-production stage.  Her first scenario was for a film titled Eliana, Eliana (2002) directed by Riri Riza. Her other works include Ada Apa dengan Cinta? (2002 and 2016). She also produced several documentaries and was one of the initiators of a collective project consists of 10 short films by 10 directors called 9808- An Anthology of 10th Year Indonesian Political Reformed (2008).  In 2018 she wrote Variable Number 3, directed by Edwin. This short film is a part of “Asian Threefold Mirror: Journey”, co-produced by Japan Foundation Asia Center and Tokyo International Film Festival.


2020 National Jury board members are Indonesia’s leading professionals that are diverse in disciplines and gender. They are invited to preview the 2020 nominees focusing on Indonesia’s short film productions.

Similar to international judging, the whole judging process is done by writing personal comments on various subjects from the cinematic aspects of each film. All judging results will be considered as recommendations, and the final result then will be decided together with the festival committee, to select one winner of the MFW National Competition Award 2020.

The MFW National Competition Award 2020 is a non-monetary award, meaning there is no monetary value being contested. One winner will receive a Certificate of Achievement signed by the committee, and a page on MFW’s official website in recognition, honor and public announcements.

This is the first year of the MFW National Jury Board. Minikino Film Week 6 is honored to have their service.


Litterateur, Author, Writer

(b. Jakarta, 1967) Oka Rusmini is based in Denpasar, Bali. Her main activities are writing and publishing various articles and books of poetry, novels, children’s stories, essays and short stories. In addition to various national and international awards she was also selected as the Indonesian Achievement Icon of the Presidential Work Unit for the Development of the Pancasila Ideology in the Arts and Culture category (2017) and the Bali Jani Nugraha Award for the category of Literary Services (2019).

She often invited to various national and international literary forums, including the Singapore Writers Festival in Singapore (2011), OZ Asia Festival in Adelaide, Australia (2013), Fankfurt Book Fair, Frankfurt Germany (2015) and the Asian Literature Creative Workshop at Seoul Art Spa. Yeonhui, South Korea, 2017.


Journalist, Programmer for INDONESIA RAJA 2020: BULELENG.

Kardian Narayana is still active as a KOMPASTV journalist for Buleleng, Bali area. In addition to journalism, he has a great interest in the arts, both traditional and contemporary art.

He believes that film as an art form, is the most tangible form of freedom of expression. He has worked as an Indonesian Raja programmer since 2019, actively strengthening its network with various short film activist groups in the North Bali region.


Director Festival Film Bahari Cirebon, Programmer for INDONESIA RAJA 2020: JAWA BARAT.

Her experience in Komunitas Belajar Bikin Film in Yogyakarta around 2000 attracted her to pay more attention to the film circle in Indonesia. Kemala Astika is the founder of the ‘Cinema Cirebon’ film community, and also serves as Director of Festival Film Bahari, Cirebon, West Java.

Periodically, she also encouraged communities in Cirebon to hold film screenings. She has been responsible as the Indonesia Raja programmer since 2018, supporting short film works from the Cirebon and West Java regions to be distributed through the short film exchange movement.


Producer, Director, Program Director Akatara Indonesia Film Financing Forum.

(b. Jakarta) Vivian believes that films have a strong impact on education, improving teamwork & capacity building. She involved in various film productions in Indonesia, including Pintu Terlarang (2009), Radit & Jani (2008), Guru Rimba, Di Manapun Jadi Sekolah (2010), Ola Sita Inawae (2016).

In 2013, she founded the Blue Terong Initiative, focusing on documentary film production. In 2018, she positioned as Program Director at the AKATARA Film Financing Forum, and working in Viu in June-December 2019 as Community Program Director.


Lecturer, Researcher, Programmer for INDONESIA RAJA 2020: D.I.Y & JAWA TENGAH

Sazkia Noor Anggraini (Anggi) is film lecturer and researcher who interested in narrative studies, history and film archive. Her late research is related to film, economy and policy together with Association of Indonesian Film Scholars (KAFEIN). She initiates Kelab Film, a small film studies group.

Recently she’s passionate with film programming. She was involved as Festival Film Dokumenter’s programmer (2017-2018), Sewon Screening’s curator (2016) and Indonesia Raja’s programmer, a short film exchange program around Indonesia (2019-present).


Youth Jury Board 2020 is the result of an intensive 5 days Youth Jury Online Camp, 20 – 24 September 2020 (https://minikino.org/filmweek/youthjurycamp2020/). The members are selected from our previous editions youth juries.

The 2020 Youth Juries have reviewed and assessed the pre-selected short films through a comprehensive and critical discussion panel, writing and critical reviewing in Youth Jury Online Camp.  Minikino Film Week 6 is proud to announce the Youth Jury Board members of 2020.

(b.2003) At the moment, Stella is entering her last year of high school, residing in Bali. Her love for the arts, creation, cinema, and learning opportunities brought her to the Minikino Youth Jury Camp 2019. Her expectations weren’t set but after 40+ films, it’s safe to say that the experience has cultivated her capacity to analyse films in a both critical and appreciative perspective.
(b.2002) I enjoy various forms of literature and have always been curious about how filmmakers process their images in order to deliver them in the form of a whole film. The Youth Jury Camp 2018 gave me the experience to judge on art pieces presented in a board of jurors, thus I didn’t merely judge the work solely from my own point of view. Youth Jury camp has taught me another perspective on seeing a movie, there’s much more side to just actors and plot.
(b.2004) At the moment, Qiu just entered high school, residing in Bali. Through the MFW Youth Jury Camp 2019, she got a chance to preview the world’s best selection of short films and critically discussed its context in an intense panel discussion with other participants.
(b.2002) Kayla currently resides in Thailand, having just finished high school and will pursue university in the UK. She has always been fascinated by film and it has played a significant part of her life, from being an avid film watcher to having previously studied and created films in school. Being able to watch and analyze so many diverse films is a privilege that allows her to broaden the knowledge of this art.
(b.2002) Cinta has always enjoyed film since she was a kid. Her first experience making a short film with her schoolmates when she was 14 years old made her love films even deeper. She finds the process of making films including the promotion parts is interesting. Her dream is to one day take part in the marketing world of the international film industry