Every year Minikino Film Week works together on shared goals with other respectable programmers and short film festivals within Indonesia, South East Asia regions and also around the world.

The aim of the collaboration is to establish a platform for international short film in Indonesia for both Indonesian and international artists. Minikino Film Week wish to break boundaries and at the same time presenting a wider cultural diversity of expressions through various forms of short film artistry, this is to inspire the artistic and cultural environments in Indonesia and to stimulate the audience’s consciousness of the world around.

Minikino Film Week 7 presented programs from;


Duration: 51:50

Tim Redford, is the Coordination of the international screenings, Clermont-Ferrand International Short Film Festival.
Tim Redford
SAB/SAT 4 19:00 Alliance Française de Bali
MIN/SUN 5 10:30 Omah Apik
Note: WITA (+8 GMT)

HEARTSTRINGS // Rhiannon Evans / Wales / 2009 / Animation / 02:50 // Falling in love only lasts as long as a piece of string.

THE LAST MARBLE // Manjari Makijany / India / 2012 / Fiction / 07:31 // A street kid loses his most precious marble creation, and decides to make another one.

PIPOPINGVIINI // Leevi Lemmetty / Finland, Ireland / 2015 / Animation / 06:30 // An animated comedy about a group of penguins who get too greedy for their own good.

ILLUSTRATION : COMPOSTAGE // Elise Auffray / France / 2014 / Animation / 02:30 // Making one’s own compost is to make the earth grow, to make life grow. It is the story of passing time, when a dying world is transformed into a new and fertile, present and future world.

MOBILE // Verena Fels / Germany / 2010 / Animation / 06:24 // On the fringes of society, a cow tips the balance of destiny…

LA MOUFLE // Clémentine Robach / France, Belgium / 2014 / Animation / 08:00 // It is snowing. Lily and her grandfather are making a little birdhouse to help the birds survive over the winter.

OH SHEEP ! // Gottfried Mentor / Germany / 2012 / Animation / 06:40 // Two flocks of sheep are searching for companionship. But their shepherds are at odds with each other, and do everything they can to keep them separated.

TIGER // Kariem Saleh / Germany / 2015 / Animation / 03:58 // A happy little tiger is imprinted on a food plate. But if he can’t find anything to eat, he will travel the lunch table to satisfy his appetite.

AU BOUT DU MONDE // Konstantin Bronzit / France / 1998 / Animation / 07:27 // The adventures of a precariously-balanced house. Built on the top of a hill, it swings to and from to the great displeasure of its inhabitants.



Duration: 77:40

Programmer: Kana Akahori / akh@imageforum.co.jp

A selection of works which was presented in Image Forum Festival 2020 East Asian Experimental Competition Section, including the grand-prize winning work 13. Someone’s voice, distant memories, wind in the city, and the track of the sun — fragments of lost time during the pandemic appear in multifarious afterimages projected on a screen.

Kana Akahori
SAB/SAT 4 16:30 Irama Indah Minihall
KAM/THU 9 19:45 Omah Apik
Note: WITA (+8 GMT)

DIFFERENCE AND REPETITION AND COFFEE // KUDO Masa / Japan / 2020 / 04:45 // An animated pencil drawing of a day in the life of a small coffee shop, drawn by a series of circular motions.

CELLS AND GLASS // HAYASHI Yuki × Center for iPS Cell Research and Application (CiRA), Kyoto University / Japan / 2020 / 08:54 // Dubbed by the voice of a glass artist who has undergone an organ transplant, a story is born from a bold idea about the shapes of glass works he saw and the shape of cells.

STRAWBERRY CANDY // LI Nianze / Japan / 2020 / 06:40 // The story is told in a perfect combination of spoken language and watercolor illustrations of a young girl.

THE LIVING WALL // KUROSAKA Keita / Japan / 2020 / 06:08 // This is a new film by KUROSAKA Keita, an artist who has consistently been releasing drawing animation works in recent years.

MENTHOL // Chae YU / Korea / 2019 / 03:07 // Late at night, an unfounded anxiety and frustration comes without warning. It is faint at first, but it grows, becomes independent, and eventually begins to speak to me in someone else’s voice.

TOSHI SHI // OKI Hiroyuki / Japan / 2020 / 12:36 // This work was produced as the Nishi 2-Chome Chikahodo Video Creation Project for Sapporo Cultural Arts Community Center SCARTS.

NOTES BEFORE THE WIND // IP Yuk-Yiu / Hong Kong / 2020 / 25:30 // A fragmented record of Hong Kong from 2014 to 2019. Views switching between unremarkable everyday life and after the sites of mass media reports of the Umbrella Movement and protests.

13 // ISOBE Shinya / Japan / 2020 / 10:00 // Thirteen-second interval shots, multiple exposures, fixed point observations of celestial objects, 16mm film, and the five years of time, consisting half of my thirties.


Duration: 106:25

These films are produced through Indonesia Distanced Stories 2020 workshop, a program which was initiated by the Scottish Documentary Institute, managed in collaboration with British Council Indonesia, and In-Docs.
IN-DOCS - Distanced Stories 2020 workshop

MIN/SUN 5 17:30 Rumah Sanur Creative Hub
SEL/TUE 7 16:00 Rumah Film Sang Karsa
RAB/WED 8 14:00 MASH Denpasar
Note: WITA (+8 GMT)

IBU GURU (Teacher) // Lies Nanci Supangkat, Mochamad Arbani / Indonesia / 2021 / Documentary / 20:01 // All mothers around the globe experience the pandemic with the same anxiety: juggling working from home with homeschooling and family demands.

KELOMPOK WANITA TANI (Green Fingers Club) // Anita Reza Zein / Indonesia / 2021 / Documentary / 19:40 // A collaboration between Woman Farmer Group and an Artist who see inequality of food distribution

CUNENK (Baby Girl) // Rofie Nur Fauzie, Mohamad Sulaeman / Indonesia / 2021 / Documentary / 14:46 // Cunenk grew up as a girl trapped in a boy’s body. She could not wait to leave her village and become a performer.

KARSIH (Karsih) // Helga Theresia, Fajrian / Indonesia / 2021 / Documentary / 16:39 // Karsih’s cleaning job is across the street from where she and her neighbours were dispossessed of their homes and land.

MERUPA (Scene from the Unseen) // Ary Aristo / Indonesia / 2021 / Documentary / 18:58 // Ferdiandra Putra may struggle sleeping, but his daydreaming leads him into creating mythical characters and objects.

CINTA FALHAN (Falhan’s Love) // Mohammad Ismail, Fr Sales Magastowo / Indonesia / 2021 / Documentary / 16:21 // Untung and Nesti love their 6-year-old unconditionally despite his severe autism.


Duration: 97:13

The program consists of films about women in Korean society among the short films that were screened at 12th Seoul Yeongdeugpo International Extreme-Short Image & Film Festival (SESIFF) in 2020. We can watch various aspects of the society in the eyes of women, from young love of the 80s to youth, love, child care, and growing old of 2020.
Kwangsoo SON, SESIFF
SAB/SAT 4 13:30 MASH Denpasar
MIN/SUN 5 17:30 Omah Apik
KAM/THU 9 18:45 Rumah Film Sang Karsa
Note: WITA (+8 GMT)

TUNE THE RADIO (튜닝 더 라디오) // KIM Jiwon, KANG Han-dle, EI Kihwa / Korea / 11:13 // The orchestra listens to each other’s sounds and tune before the performance. However, there seems to be no tuning between the migrants and the former inhabitants in Korean society.

TRAINEE (연습생) // PARK Ji In / Korea / 14:59 // Ga-young has been training to be a K-pop star for years at an entertainment company, when one day she is suddenly asked to leave the company.

BLUE GREY (블루 그레이) // KIM Katie / Korea / 12:15 // Seoul 1989, two people are set up by their families on a date for marriage.

THE REBOUND (리바운드) // SUNG Changwon / Korea / 09:12 // Sujin is upset at her boyfriend for not calling her. When he finally does contact her, Sujin ends up saying some things that she will later regret.

LET’S DO SOME RESEARCH (탐구생활) // KOO Jeonghoi / Korea / 04:32 // The girl is not fond of her relationship with the boy, who doesn’t seem to be curious enough about her.

MOTHER, FLOWER (산후) // KIM Eun-hye Hong / Korea / 16:04 // Mother, Flower, is a story of a woman, Soo, who is having a hard time to adjust herself as a new mom to her newborn child after a few months of delivering her first baby.

A STUDENT (수강신청) // LEE Mi-ji / Korea / 15:32 // Kyung-hee is a lady in her 60s who often run into problems because she cannot use computers.

PICK-UP (스타렉스) // ROH Dohyeon / Korea / 13:26 // Chu-hyun, a newbie film staff, drives a van to pick up an actress. But as a result of miscommunications on both parties, she ends up giving a ride to a prostitute, Hee-ra.


Duration: 95:23

Aram is a filmmaker, educator, and film festival programmer. Based in Toronto, Aram is a mixed-race Asian Canadian/American (Chinese and English/Dutch/German) and a San Francisco native who has a BFA and MFA in Film Production from the University of California at Santa Cruz and York University respectively.
Aram Collier, Toronto Reel Asian International Film Festival

SAB/SAT 4 16:30 Rumah Film Sang Karsa
SEL/TUE 7 13:30 Irama Indah Minihall
Note: WITA (+8 GMT)

SUNDAY (일요일) // Kim Hayung / Canada / 2020 / Animation / 03:08 // Sunday is a semi-autobiographical animation based on the filmmaker’s childhood memories of growing up within her father’s church.

HOMEWATER // Aidan Chan / Canada / 2020 / Documentary / 07:07 // On a journey to a small island town, two city boys explore their shared love for fishing. Travelling alongside an ocean run of salmon, they find there is much more to discover about themselves.

KAR // Sahar Golshan / Canada / 2019 / Documentary / 08:18 // A weekend drive around Scarborough between father and daughter prompts reflection on cars, labour, and family.

LITTLE RED // Jacqueline Shi / Canada / 2019 / Fiction / 07:47 // As a country song says, “If this old house could talk / What a story it would tell / It would tell about the good times / And the bad times as well”

BOLLYSINGH // Prajjwal Rajawat / Canada / 2017 / Fiction / 05:24 // A 17-year-old struggles between accepting his cultural identity or changing it to fit conventional ideas of beauty.

36 QUESTIONS // Jennifer Su / Canada / 2016 / Fiction / 11:32 // A skeptic and a believer find themselves at odds when they are matched in a psychology experiment designed to make them fall in love.

CELLO IN THE SUBWAY // Iven Tu / Canada / 2016 / Documentary / 10:50 // Chinese cellist Leo Zhang regularly performs in the TTC subway; he reveals the cross-cultural bond formed within his band in this documentary.

LIQUID BEINGS // Seden Lai / Canada / 2015 / Fiction / 08:46 // He wakes up. He doesn’t know who He is. He creates Her. But who created Them?

DOOR TO DOOR // Bruce Ravichandran / Canada / 2015 / Fiction / 07:57 // The sort-of true-life story of two bumbling door-to-door salesmen who must train a pair of newbies, or else lose their jobs.

ON THE OTHER HAND // Nathaniel Wong / Canada / 2014 / Fiction / 09:33 // A father teaches his son a lesson on success in this ping-pong parable.

OPEN GYM // Simu Liu / Canada / 2013 / Fiction / 06:35 // When a meek man takes a free mixed martial arts class, he must dare to change his ways or else.

SUMAN LADIES // Althea Balmes / Canada / 2013 / Documentary/Fiction / 08:26 // After contemplating returning to her homeland, a struggling woman executes a plan to solve her problems in the streets of Toronto by using suman, the delicious Filipino rice cake.