Get in touch with MFW7 Hospitality team: hospitality@minikino.org

If you live outside Bali and would like to attend Minikino Film Week 7. Please note that you will need to check the required document provided by the airlines or other bus/ ferry transportation official announcements.

There are a total of 10 active venues during Minikino Film Week 7 – Bali International Short Film Festival, 3-11 September 2021.


Location map for Micro Cinema Venues

3 Location map for Pop-Up Cinema locations

Opening & Closing and International Awarding Event venues


It will be nice to screen hop during the festival, but please note that there is no public transportation in Bali. Therefore it will be useful to have online transportation applications such as GRAB, GOJEK, BLUEBIRD TAXI ready on your phone. Another option is to rent a motorbike or a car.


Tourism in Bali was devastated due to Covid-19, therefore a lot of them are offering special rates to boost the revival of guests coming to the island.

We recommend you to stay around MFW7 micro cinema venues. These are several hotels that give a special rate for MFW7 guests this year.

Please contact hospitality@minikino.org to find out the hotel’s special rate or if you have any questions related to hospitality when planning your travel. Let’s make a memorable MFW7 experience.