Minikino Film Week wishes to break boundaries while at the same time to present a wider cultural diversity of expressions through various forms of short film artistry. This is to inspire the artistic and cultural environment in Indonesia, as well as to stimulate the audience’s awareness about the world.

Every year Minikino Film Week collaborates on shared goals with other respectable programmers and short film festivals from around the world.
Minikino Film Week 8 presents Programs from:


Duration: 67:48

SAB/SAT 3 18:00 Irama Indah Minihall
MIN/SUN 4 19:15 Alliance Française Bali
MIN/SUN 4 18:30 Dusun Pagi, Area Warung Pisaga
Note: WITA (+8 GMT)

LION BLEU // Zoia Trofimoa / France / 2021 / Animation / 18:11 // A lonely farmer takes in a kitten in distress. But the next day it turns into a big blue lion.

LITTLE OX // Raf Wathion, Patrick Vandebroeck / Belgium / 2021 / Animation, Documentary / 10:33 // A young muskox migrates with a small herd through the cold barren tundra. During their journey the herd gets attacked by a pack of wolves.

LUNA LLENA // Isabel Garcia Moya / Belgium / 2020 / Animation / 03:58 // Burger and Tortilla are walking around in the moonlight. In their imaginary world, they meet fantastic creatures…

SAKA SY VORONA // Franka Sachse / Germany / 2021 / Animation / 07:32 // A white bird living in a black world encounters a black cat living in a white world. The moment they meet, their backgrounds literally collide.

SPACAPUFI // Jaka Ivanc / Slovenia / 2021 / Animation / 11:08 // When they have eaten the last delicious fruit and hunger is about to strike, they head to a distant jubee grove. First, they must cross a murky forest where a strange presence is lurking…

STARS ON THE SEA // Seung-Wook Jang / South Korea / 2021 / Animation / 06:06 // It is just another ordinary day. The house is filling up with water.

URSA-NORDLYSETS SANG // Natalia Malykhina / Norway / 2021 / Animation / 10:20 // A little polar bear, Ursa, is alone in the cold dark Arctic and looking for his mum.

Seoul Yeongdeugpo International Extreme-Short Image & Film Festival, Korea

Duration: 80:20

This section consists of seven films, three documentaries produced by SESIFF in 2021, and four fictions featuring the reality of Korea. “Walking Through Words”, “Mullae-dong Medley”, “Fries Encounter”, based and shot in Yeongdeungpo, show us the past, the present, and the future of Yeongdeungpo. And “Summer Grass”, “Gas, Right”, “202 201”, “Interview” focus on the feature of our reality where people inevitably have misunderstandings in their communication. These films would allow audiences to think of the Korean reality in a different way.
SON Kwangsoo
Programmer | program@sesiff.org
SEL/TUE 6 13:00 MASH Denpasar
SEL/TUE 6 19:00 Rumah Belajar Komunitas Mahima
Note: WITA (+8 GMT)

WALKING THROUGH WORDS (영등포, 글자 위를 걷다 ) // PARK Hyemin / South Korea / 2021 / Documentary / 06:36 // Some signs, inscriptions, symbols stand out from the ordinary routine. I think of whom put up these signs, who made these inscriptions.

MULLAE-DONG MEDLEY (문래동 메들리) // AN Jaeyoung / South Korea / 2021 / Documentary / 10:25 // Mullae-dong, Yeongdeungpo-gu, is like an island where manufacturing, ironwork, and bearing factories share and cooperate in one place. This is where sweat and consideration created sadness and joy.

FRIES ENCOUNTER // KIM Jiyeon, Didier Yoo / South Korea / 2021 / Documentary / 07:46 // Fries, which are considered just a fast food side dish, actually are Belgian soul food. Koreans and Belgians encounter through fries.

SUMMER GRASS (잎의 여름) // CHUNG Rachel Eunbea / South Korea / 2021 / Fiction / 14:45 // Choyeop suspects that Kangii and Doa like each other, but she becomes surprised as the afternoon unfolds.

GAS, RIGHT (가스, 라이트) // WON Yu / South Korea / 2020 / Fiction / 15:28 // A man smells gas in a cafe while waiting for an important guest, but the cafe owner and the waitress make a fool of him and ignore his words.

202 201 // CHO Youngmyoung / South Korea / 2021 / Fiction / 14:41 // Someone next door connects to my bluetooth speaker. Who the hell are you?// Awards/Screenings: The 25th Bucheon International Fantastic Film Festival (2021)

INTERVIEW (면담) // PARK Suhyoung / South Korea / 2021 / Fiction / 10:39 // Eun-sun, a new homeroom teacher, learns through a video that Jeong-hwa and her group harassed their classmate Mina, and tries to solve this internally through an interview. // Awards/Screenings: The 9th Seoul Guro International Kids Film Festival (2021)


Duration: 61:20

Where does a filmmaker’s journey begin? And, can we revisit this moment? A Starting Point recognizes the value of beginnings and wonders how we might return to “first films” as a place for regrowth. This program places short films from the four cohort members of Unsung Voices 10 (2021), Reel Asian’s free summer production workshop for first-time or emerging filmmakers, in conversation with the retrospective “first films” by Unsung Voice’s founder, Aram Collier, and program coordinators, Haaris Qadri and Jennifer Su.
Kelly Lui
Programmer | programming@reelasian.com
SEN/MON 5 17:45 SKA (Rumah Film Sang Karsa)
Note: WITA (+8 GMT)

THE ORCHID AND THE TREE // Ganesh Thava / Canada / 2021 / Fiction / 10:42 // The echoes of grief linger decades after in a South Asian family that did not, could not, get around to talking about it.

WAVE HANDS LIKE CLOUDS // Jennifer Su / Canada / 2018 / Fiction / 06:26 // Tai Chi practitioners explore their connection to the martial art in this hybrid documentary music video set in Toronto’s Grange Park and Scarborough.

CHAKAR (ਚੱਕਰ) // Harman Kang / Canada / 2021 / Fiction / 06:34 // A young woman is stopped by a middle-aged Punjabi woman. Things take a turn for the uncanny, as the young woman is presented with a choice that will change the course of her life.

GOREE // Haaris Qadri / Canada / 2016 / Fiction / 09:08 // A 9-year-old Pakistani-Canadian girl struggles to understand her mother’s cultural expectations of beauty.

WATERING // James Legaspi / Canada / 2021 / Fiction / 07:55 // Watering is a semi-autobiographical short film through which the filmmaker reflects on the passing of their childhood dog, and how it continues to inform their navigation of daily life.

EXPRESS LANE // Aram Siu Wai Collier, Rudy Chong / Canada / 1997 / Fiction / 13:02 // Express Lane is an adrenaline-laced, technically virtuosic thrilling chase throughout urban San Francisco, somewhere between a pedestrian Bullitt and an under-21 Pulp Fiction.

AHU’S JOURNAL // Weeda Azim / Canada / 2021 / Fiction / 07:33 // Eager for an escape from her family, Safiya moves out to a sublet of an acquaintance, Ahu. She soon comes across a journal with entries that take her on a reflective journey—Ahu’s journal.


IMAGE FORUM: Film in Shelter, Cinema as Shelter

Duration: 67:54 | 13+

For its 35th edition in 2021, Image Forum Festival questioned whether the existence of “film” is under threat for various reasons, including natural disasters and political strife. Material to be screened, disappears or is damaged/degrades. Screening sites and programming itself may also be exposed to crises. Also at the same time, cinema can provide an escape from the harshness (of natural and social conditions) of the outside world. The films selected in this program reflect these questions.
Koyo Yamashita
Programmer | info@imageforum.co.jp
SAB/SAT 3 10:30 Irama Indah Minihall
SEL/TUE 6 17:45 MASH Denpasar
Note: WITA (+8 GMT)


HYDROPHONE BUTTERFLY // YU Chae / Korea / 2021 / Experimental / 15:52 // A music file arrives from a friend in Paris. The author stays secluded in her room, scratches a film strip, and continues to produce a moving image artwork—remembering the friend with whom she can’t reunite after returning to her home country. Eventually, the author goes out on a motorcycle ride through the city with another friend … A youthful experimental film that vividly exposes the isolated daily life under a pandemic, using experimental cinematic techniques.

BEFORE IT HAPPENS // YAMADA Sanae / Japan / 2022 / Documentary / 20:15 // Setting in Izu-Oshima island in Japan, Before It Happens documents daily life with the constant threat of future eruptions, including disaster drills and volcanic activity observations.


INSTRUCTIONS // YAMADA Sanae / Japan / 2022 / Documentary / 15:47 // Instructions features recollections of a past eruption in Iceland and seeks possible instructions for remaining unharmed physically and mentally in the event of a disaster.

TUGGING DIARY // YAN Wai-Yin / Hong Kong / 2021 / Documentary / 16:00 // The author presents a record of a pedestrian bridge and its immediate vicinity, filmed from August 2019 to January 2021. More than being just a bridge, this was the symbol of Hong Kong’s pro-democracy movement. In addition to the internet, people used public physical spaces such as walls and pillars as a place of communication—in opposition to the regulated mainstream media. Various messages recorded in this work rapidly transform into digital ‘memory’. This emotional essay film conveys the current state of affairs in Hong Kong, where the increasingly dire and pressing situation arouses a poignant sentiment.


SPOTLIGHT ON UKRAINE Duration: 66:04  | 13+ This program, curated by the Kyiv International Short Film Festival, introduces four Ukrainian short films and gives the broader context of understanding the essence of Ukrainian society and the prerequisite of russia’s full-scale war on Ukraine. Programmer: Sasha Prokopenko

KYIV INTERNATIONAL SHORT FILM FESTIVAL (#KISFF) is the largest short film festival in Ukraine. It presents the widest panorama of contemporary short films, classical and latest achievements of Ukrainian cinema, special events and world premieres, educational and professional sections.

SAB/SAT 3 10:30 MASH Denpasar
MIN/SUN 4 22:15 Rumah Belajar Komunitas Mahima
MIN/SUN 4 13:00 Irama Indah Minihall
Note: WITA (+8 GMT)

ПОЗА ЗОНОЮ (UNAVAILABLE) // Nikon Romanchenko / Ukraine / 2018 / Fiction / 27:40 // Lyuba works at a confectionery factory in a small town in the West. Her son is in the war zone and there is no connection with him. Lyuba goes in search of her son in an unfamiliar territory.

Я І МАРІУПОЛЬ (ME AND MARIUPOL) // Piotr Armianovski / Ukraine / 2017 / Documentary / 09:48 // Mariupol is an industrial city on the Sea of Azov. The places alive in my memory are mostly destroyed. The battle line of the Russian-Ukrainian war is just nearby the city.

БЕЗ ТЕБЕ (SENSIZ) // Nariman Aliev / Ukraine / 2016 / Fiction / 14:39 A lone car drives across the vast expanses of the Ukrainian landscape. Two young men are traveling to celebrate their elder brother’s birthday, but their plan is delayed when their car breaks down.

КОХАННЯ (DEEP LOVE) // Mykyta Lyskov / Ukraine / 2019 / Animation / 13:57 // The film tells the story of a big city, Dnipro (Ukraine), during historical changes and decommunization.



Duration: 89:33

The selection depicts Brunei youths’ passion for the arts and the social expectations put on them.
Nurain Abdullah
Programmer, Producer
MIN/SUN 4 13:00 SKA (Rumah Film Sang Karsa)
SEL/TUE 6 10:00 MASH Denpasar
Note: WITA (+8 GMT)

THE BUNGSU STORY // Aznniel Yunus / Brunei / 2018 / Fiction / 37:36 // Two millennial youths are facing difficulties in meeting the expectations of their family. // Awards/Screenings: Nominated for Best Asian Drama, Asia Contents Awards

ATROPHY // Adib Emran / Brunei / 2022 / Fiction / 16:04 // The story of a married couple. Ava works while Ezra is at home writing his next book. However, there is more than meets the eye with this seemingly picture-perfect relationship.

PART OF ME // Hazrul Aizan / Brunei / 2022 / Fiction / 35:53 // An aspiring singer is conflicted between chasing his dreams and following his family’s expectations to pursue a decent career. He struggles to see which one is right for his path.


Duration: 35:00

An assorted program of Cambodian short films made in recent years to represent strong emotions in various backgrounds.
Park Sung Ho
SAB/SAT 3 18:30 SKA (Rumah Film Sang Karsa)
RAB/WED 7 13:00 MASH Denpasar
Note: WITA (+8 GMT)

CANDLELIGHT // Polen LY / Cambodia / 2022 / Fiction / 03:00 // In the darkness, a group of people depend on dim candle lights to read books. Candles are dying one by one, but the silent passion continues in solidarity.

SUNRISE IN MY MIND // SAN Danech / Cambodia / 2021 / Fiction / 13:45 // One night, a hairdresser gives into her restrained interest in a delivery man who visits her beauty salon every night.

LIFE. LOVE. BLISS. // Sothea INES / Cambodia / 2020 / Fiction / 06:00 // In a sound studio, they are recording voices for a film. The unexpressed emotions are elevated as the stories are revealed.

THE GENERAL KHLEANG MOEUNG // LIM Heng / Cambodia / 2022 / Fiction / 12:00 // In the 16th century, a faithful general struggle to win a losing battle even if it demands the most desperate measures he should embrace.


Duration: 80:44

Five selected short films from Indonesia to recharge your festival experience. Hopefully, the projection screens can spark a forum celebrating these films.
Fransiska Prihadi
MIN/SUN 4 20:00 MASH Denpasar
Note: WITA (+8 GMT)

LIKA LIKU LAKI (Makassar is a City for Football Fans) // Khozy Rizal / Indonesia / 2021 / Fiction / 20:00 // In a city when the ‘men’ have to go crazy about football, Akbar has to pretend to love football to prevent rejection.

A GRANDPA’S UNIFORM AND THE OTHER THINGS OF FEAR (Pedhut) // Christian Banisrael / Indonesia / 2021 / Fiction / 21:42 // An old man who is trapped in his past stole an army uniform to chase away the ghosts that terrorize his long nights.

JAMAL // Muhammad Heri Fadli / Indonesia / 2020 / Fiction / 14:30 // Nur’s husband had just left for Malaysia for a few months as a migrant worker. He was suddenly sent home in a lifeless condition.

LAUT MEMANGGILKU (The Sea Calls for Me) // Tumpal Tampubolon / Indonesia / 2021 / Fiction / 17:25 // A young boy, Sura, lives in a fishing village. One day he finds a broken sex doll washed ashore and tries to fix it.

NUSA ANTARA (The Archipelago) // Azalia Muchransyah / Indonesia / 2021 / Documentary, Animation / 07:07 // An interpretation of contemporary Indonesian society from the perspective of four Indonesian filmmakers.


Duration: 58:19

S-Express Laos is a small collection of new short films made by young aspiring filmmakers selected from LanXang Shorts – a newly established short film festival held in Vientiane, Laos, and one short film funded by the Lao Filmmaker Fund. Coincidentally, these stories revolve around the theme of “home” – be it physical or feeling.
Xaisongkham Induangchanthy
SAB/SAT 3 15:00 SKA (Rumah Film Sang Karsa)
RAB/WED 7 16:30 MASH Denpasar
Note: WITA (+8 GMT)

PHUAK KHI PHAE (Loser Boy) // Thanva KOUNLAVONG / Laos / 2022 / Fiction / 13:56 // When a man discovers that he has a lung cancer, he hires his close friend to take pictures of him for one day.

PHIENGSOUKNUN THI EUIY WAO (Only Happiness Can Say) // Apple SUKA / Laos / 2021 / Fiction / 11:06 // Upon receiving news of her father’s death, Jia returns to her hometown. She realizes that things that were once familiar to her have now become so unfamiliar.

LOUK KEU (Daughter Of The Salt Maker) // Bountom SAIDARA / Laos / 2020 / Fiction / 08:00 // A young man returns to Laos to persuade his former lover to leave her job as a salt maker and work with him in Thailand.

PHA HOM (The Blanket) // Mitpasa SITTHIHAKPANYA / Laos / 2021 / Fiction / 18:17 // A seven-year-old boy from a rural Lao village becomes responsible for his younger siblings and mother, when his father goes off to the city in search of work.

MOU TEM (A Friend Request) // Wravong PHRACHANH / Laos / 2021 / Fiction / 07:00 // “A friend Request” is another cliché love story between Nalin, Tao and Bank. But with all these endings in their heads, they still choose to let themselves fall.


Duration: 81:17

These four films are award-winning films at the 17th Mini Film Festival (2021). Tackling a wide range of subject matters ranging from displacement, identity, and legal vs illegality in Malaysia, these films were presented with unique cinematic approaches. Featured in one program, they certainly offer a glimpse into Malaysia’s contemporary (independent) cinema.
Chong Lee, Yow
SEN/MON 5 15:00 SKA (Rumah Film Sang Karsa)
SEL/TUE 6 14:15 Irama Indah Minihall
Note: WITA (+8 GMT)

TADAU OM VUHAN KOPISOOMO (Were The Sun And The Moon To Meet) // Nadira Ilana / Malaysia / 2020 / Fiction / 14:44 // A pair of young lovers rendezvous as the sun sets on the coastal city of Kota Kinabalu.

BAGAN (Sudden Uncertainty) // Firdaus Balam / Malaysia / 2021 / Fiction / 24:35 // Frankie lives at home with his grandma while his peers go off to school. When a Government notice arrives one day announcing land reform in his village, Frankie is unable to read it.

AYAHKU, DR. G (My Father, Dr. G) // Hidayah Hisham / Malaysia / 2020 / Documentary / 17:00 // In a country where possession of cannabis is punishable by death, Siti finds herself pulled into the unfamiliar world of lengthy legal proceedings and prison visits.

PULANG // Yam Kin Wai / Malaysia / 2020 / Fiction / 24:58 // Yao-Wei returns to his hometown in Malaysia with his girlfriend Yu-Ying who is visiting the country for the first time.


Duration: 54:57

This year I try to select two very different interesting filmmakers from Myanmar. One focuses on narrative film related to his own personal experience and another filmmaker who interested to explore the narrative structure and try to find his own way of storytelling.
Programmer | Filmmaker and Program Director of Wathann Film Festival, Myanmar
MIN/SUN 4 19:00 Rumah Belajar Komunitas Mahima
SEN/MON 5 14:45 Irama Indah Minihall
Note: WITA (+8 GMT)

SEEKING WOMBS FOR REBIRTHS // Lin Htet Aung / Myanmar / 2021 / Experimental / 24:44 // A boy went to a town. He went to find his next life. // Awards/Screenings: Bangkok ASEAN Film Festival 2021 (BAFF).

NANDAR // Mg Bhone / Myanmar / 2020 / Fiction / 30:13 // Nandar, a hairdresser, is stuck at work during the holidays. Struggling with an intense personal problem, she tries to find a possible escape in her next door neighbor. // Awards/Screenings: Wathann Film Festival 2020.


Duration: 67:49

Four short films of varying styles, from different corners of the Philippines, while expressing multiply inspirations and desires, all indicative that there are infinite Filipino stories that have yet to be shown to the world.
Oggs Cruz
SAB/SAT 3 13:00 SKA (Rumah Film Sang Karsa)
SEN/MON 5 10:30 Irama Indah Minihall
Note: WITA (+8 GMT)

AMPANGABAGAT NIN TALAKBA HA NIKOL (It’s Raining Frogs Outside) // Maria Estela Paiso / Philippines / 2021 / Animation/Experimental / 14:00 // A girl resists her childhood home’s attempts to destroy her using her own personal history. // Awards/Screenings: Berlinale 2022 Competition, QCinema 2021

I GET SO SAD SOMETIMES // Trishtan Perez / Philippines / 2021 / Fiction / 20:00 // In the small town of Pagadian, a gay teenager eagerly waits for a mature man to finally reveal his face after developing an anonymous sexual relationship with him online. // Awards/Screenings: QCinema 2021

THE HEADHUNTER’S DAUGHTER // Don Josephus Raphael Eblahan / Philippines / 2022 / Fiction / 15:01 // Leaving her family behind, Lynn traverses the harrowing roads of the Cordilleran highlands to try her luck in the city as a country singer. // Awards/Screenings: Sundance 2022 Winner

DAYS OF THE NEW // Keith Deligero / Philippines / 2021 / Fiction / 18:48 // Two cops, an artist, a series of murders and some weird shit. Welcome to the new world after the pandemic. // Awards/Screenings: Bucheon International Fantastic Film Fest 2021.


Duration: 53:20

Experience the world of art, myth, and horror in this eclectic mix of films featuring works by curators and filmmakers.
Leong Puiyee
SEN/MON 5 19:00 Rumah Belajar Komunitas Mahima
KAM/THU 8 15:00 MASH Denpasar
Note: WITA (+8 GMT)

I TOOK A NAP AND I MISS YOU // Shelby Kho / Singapore / 2021 / Mockumentary / 12:12 // Recently widowed Liz struggles with grief while raising her two daughters, Gigi and Stacy. A coming-of-age, drama-comedy mockumentary, all operating on what-ifs and varying circumstances of the heart. // Awards/Screenings: SEAShorts 2021 (Malaysia) | Singapore Shorts 2021 by Asian Film Archive (Singapore)

A SPIDER, FEVER AND OTHER DISAPPEARING ISLANDS // Natalie Khoo / Singapore / 2021 / Experimental / 21:04 // An experimental documentary which connects my grandmother’s migration from Riau, Indonesia to Singapore with a spider spirit’s migratory route. // Awards/Screenings: Objectifs Women in Film & Photography 2021: Inheritance – Installation (Singapore)

PROXIMITIES // Zulkhairi Zulkiflee / Singapore / 2021 / Documentary / 10:13 // Proximities is focused on the trope of the Malay Boy found in the works of Singaporean artist Cheong Soo Pieng (1917 – 1983).

STRAWBERRY CHEESECAKE // Tan Siyou / Singapore / 2021 / Drama / 09:51 // In Singapore, where even vapes are illegal, three rebellious schoolgirls are caught smoking by the principal. // Awards/Screenings: Locarno Film Festival 2021, In Competition | Clermont-Ferrand 2022.


Duration: 82:33

The longer the S-Express program, the more shorts can be presented. This year, we take this opportunity with various awarded shorts from the 25th Thai Short Film and Video Festival in 2021.
Thai Short Film and Video Festival
SAB/SAT 3 17:45 MASH Denpasar
RAB/WED 7 19:00 Alliance Française Bali
Note: WITA (+8 GMT)

ด.ญ.ดั่งใจ (Little Miss Dungjai) // Primp Surapakpinyo & Pattama Homrod / Thailand / 2021 / Animation / 07:31 // A Thai student stood up for what she believed in when the idea of questioning things is not accepted. She ended up conforming to the norms and passing on violence to the next generation. // Awards/Screenings: Best Animation Award from the 25th Thai Short Film and Video Festival

WITH LOVE, AND OTHER THINGS. // Nathan Pichai / Thailand / 2021 / Fiction / 19:46 // One day when the shampoo runs out, Kwan gets to leave home. // Awards/Screenings: Best University Student Film Award from the 25th Thai Short Film and Video Festival

ด้วยรัก ถึงกุหลาบ (Dear Rose) // Laksanapon Tarapan / Thailand / 2021 / Documentary / 21:11 // Kularb, a woman from Isaan, wished to work in Bangkok, but death got to her first. She passed away among the lovely family who also believes that she reincarnated into my sister 10 years later. // Awards/Screenings: The First Runner-Up for Best Documentary Award from the 25th Thai Short Film and Video Festival

THE BOOGEYMAN: WHO KILLED SHERRY ANN DUNCAN? // Chalisa Trakankitvichit / Thailand / 2021 / Animation, Documentary / 07:02 // When a 16-year-old girl is found dead, four men are wrongfully convicted of her murder. // Awards/Screenings: Vichitmatra Award for an outstanding short film from the 25th Thai Short Film and Video Festival

PLEASE…SEE US // Chaweng Chaiyawan / Thailand / 2021 / Fiction / 27:03 // Suthit and Nonae a Lahu are a couple who have struggled for their living in order to get a better opportunity in their lives. But the more they try hard, the more they circle in the circuit of a powerful relationship. // Awards/Screenings: Best Short Film from the 25th Thai Short Film and Video Festival.


Duration: 84:27

These recent short films from Vietnam by young filmmakers focus on different forms of encounters.
Marcus Manh Cuong Vu
Filmmaker and Programmer. Former festival director of Yxine Film Fest (2010-2014).
MIN/SUN 4 17:15 SKA (Rumah Film Sang Karsa)
SEL/TUE 6 20:00 MASH Denpasar
Note: WITA (+8 GMT)

BÀI TẬP CARDIO (Cardio) // Nguyễn Đức Huy / Vietnam / 2022 / Animation / 04:07 // A man is jumping rope through different corners of the house, inside which there probably exist some other beings.

HỘP (In a Bookstore) // Ngô Kỳ Duyên / Vietnam / 2019 / Fiction / 17:23 // In a bookstore, a little boy who comes here often finds the fragments of an old man’s soul, which has been left with dust and spider web.

MAY (May) // Trần Trung Hậu / Vietnam / 2021 / Documentary / 07:39 // In a rural area of Vietnam during the Covid-19 pandemic, people had to stay at home waiting for social assistance from the government and did repetitive work.

CÔI // Anh La / Vietnam / 2020 / Fiction / 15:02 // A lonely boy lives in a graveyard and works by faking dead and laying in the coffin. There he falls in love with a recently dead Sino-Vietnamese girl. // Awards/Screenings: Voices Short – International Film Festival Rotterdam 2020

MỘT CÕI ĐI VỀ (Retrace) // Trần Thị Hà Trang / Vietnam / 2021 / Fiction / 29:52 // During the flooding season, a city boy follows his dad to a mountainous village to attend the funeral of his grandfather according to the ethnic minority’s tradition. // Awards/Screenings: Best Short Film – Golden Kite Awards Vietnam 2021

THEO DÒNG CHẢY (Go With the Flow) // An Đặng / Vietnam / 2021 / Experimental / 10:24 // Fragments of memories about a group of young men who wanted to record their songs in the forest thanks to nature.



Duration: 84:23


The short films selected this year invite audiences to read different interpretations of mainstream narratives about culture, religion, and women.
Akbar Rafsanjani & Wahyudha
SAB/SAT 3 13:00 MASH Denpasar
RAB/WED 7 10:15 Irama Indah Minihall
Note: WITA (+8 GMT)

TAREK PUKAT // Muhammad Ammar Roofiif / Lhokseumawe, Indonesia / 2021 / Documentary / 21:39 // Tarek pukat is an Acehnese traditional method of catching fish. Modernization creates a challenge. // Awards/Screenings: Indiskop festival 2021, dokumenter pilihan juri

IBU // Rici Viondra / Kabupaten Agam, Indonesia / 2021 / Fiction / 21:04 // A mother always living alone, faces the arrival of her son, his wife, and their daughter. // Awards/Screenings: Official Selection UI Film Festival, 2021 | Official Selection Bali Makarya 2021 | Official Selection Jambi Film Festival 2021

SEMUA KARENA CINTA // Beni Arona / Banda Aceh, Indonesia / 2021 / Fiction / 25:00 // Since his mother died in the earthquake and tsunami disaster, Alfi’s relationship with his father has become tenuous. // Awards/Screenings: Juara III Short Movie Competition Dtail Production Tahun 2021 | Juara II Festival Video Edukasi 2021

MANYALAK // Rere & Reza / Padangpanjang, Indonesia / 2021 / Documentary / 16:40 // Boar hunting became a polemic among Minangkabau’s society and its religious leaders.


Duration: 67:02

The last two years have been full of readjustment. This situation does not only affect works produced in Bali. Culture is also implicitly, continues to flow consciously and subconsciously in the process of creation. Film as a medium ultimately interprets and archives this information.
Kardian Narayana
SAB/SAT 3 20:00 Dusun Pagi, Area Warung Pisaga
KAM/THU 8 13:00 MASH Denpasar
Note: WITA (+8 GMT)

PUISI LUKA (the windmills never stopped) // Juan Bio / Bali, Indonesia / 2022 / Experimental / 05:13 // A young man was reluctant to come to the funeral of his dog and cat. Then he recorded a message for them.

OBSESI // Dharma Sukawiyana / Bali, Indonesia / 2022 / Fiction / 11:06 // Mike accidentally found Olive’s social media profile. He wants to get the woman’s heart.

ON THAT DAY I MET MARRY // I Kadek Indra Agustina / Bali, Indonesia / 2022 / Fiction / 08:53 // Daniel was assigned by his uncle to watch a humanoid. Apparently, he fell in love with the humanoid.

ASTUNGKARA (May it happen by His will) // Anak Agung Ngurah Bagus Kesuma Yudha / Bali, Indonesia / 2021 / Documentary / 10:30 // Gung Aji and Gung Byang, an old couple in Bali, try to survive through viruses and time.

BELAJAR DI KAMPUNG // I Made Suarbawa / Bali, Indonesia / 2021 / Documentary / 12:30 // The Covid-19 pandemic forced Puspa Dewi, an elementary schoolgirl, to move to study at her grandmother’s house in Tukadaya Village, Jembrana. // Awards/Screenings: Denpasar Sineas Festival, Minikino Open December, & Festival Dusun.

KALA RAU WHEN THE SUN GOT EATEN // Medy Mahasena / Bali, Indonesia / 2022 / Fiction / 18:50 // Sri was looking for her father in Karangasem during the 1983 total solar eclipse. Ketut accompanied her.


Duration: 59:19

The processing of the format and manner of speech becomes a space for the impression and exploration of filmmakers in telling the reality of the universe in the four short films selected in this program. Domestic violence, gender stigma, political-agrarian conflicts, and pandemic crises are recounted in a variety of classic narratives, contemporary performances, and also and experimentation with screen life formats. It is this diversity that drives the urgency of the topic through the freshness of viewpoints.
Rasyid Faqih
MIN/SUN 4 17:45 MASH Denpasar
SEN/MON 5 12:45 Irama Indah Minihall
Note: WITA (+8 GMT)

ARISAN SIASAT // Erlina Rakhmawati / Yogyakarta / 2021 / Fiction / 15:49 // Arisan through video calls was held by ibu-ibu arisan Gang Ketimun in Covid-19 era. // Awards/Screenings: Indonesiana TV, youtube @budayasaya

IBU ORA SARE (Sleepless Mom) // Gin Teguh / Yogyakarta / 2021 / Fiction / 13:44 // As a celebration of Father’s Day, Gogor got a school assignment to write about his father. // Awards/Screenings: Layar Indonesiana JAFF 2021

GERAJAK (Turmoil of the Season) // Ezra Cecio / Gunung Kidul, Yogyakarta / 2021 / Fiction / 15:16 // The galage is a committee formed for agrarian reform in response to drought and hunger. // Awards/Screenings: Moving Image of the Year di MIP Awards 2021 | 20 Besar Kategori Film Pendek di Balimakarya 2021 | Nominasi Film Pendek Fiksi Terbaik di Himafisi Film Festival

JOGJA KRONIK // Wimo Ambala Bayang / Yogyakarta / 2020 / Experimental / 14:30 // The experience of the pandemic era from each collaborator artists (Wimo Ambala Bayang, M. Erlangga Fauzan, and Arief Budiman). // Awards/Screenings: Winner Best Indonesian Feature-Length Documentary, FFD 2021.


Duration: 57:51

Relevance of Modern Human, determined from their profession. These 6 films are about the struggle of urban people to keep themselves relevant in their profession: designers, housewives, parking guards, legislative candidates and truck drivers. Anxiety regarding financial problems or being replaced by competitors or machines is the anxiety of all workers that is important for us to discuss. Modern society makes self-relevance from its profession. These 6 short films describe the professions in the urban area of Indonesia, as a representation of a person’s existence: freelance workers, housewives, parking guards, mascots, and legislative candidates who become the identity of city people who have to be defended on daily basis or lost.
Nosa Normanda
SAB/SAT 3 20:15 MASH Denpasar
RAB/WED 7 20:45 Genius Cafe Sanur
Note: WITA (+8 GMT)

SERPIH // Rizky Adhitama Rosandi / Jakarta, Indonesia / 2021 / Animation / 08:09 // Kindness can change the life and perspective of people in various ways. // Awards/Screenings: Official Selection Brawijaya Movie Exhibition vol.8 2021 | Official Selection UPH Film Festival 2021 kategori Animasi

BURN OUT // Thelma I. Santoso / Jakarta Selatan, Indonesia / 2021 / Animation / 07:18 // Raina, a digital artist, built her career on social media. She suddenly went viral and got a lot of jobs.

ROBOT MOM // Abigail Joanna Kelly / Jakarta & Tangerang, Indonesia / 2022 / Fiction / 09:00 // In 2030, Sisca thought, Robot Mom might be a better mother figure.

JAMBRONG & GONDRONG // Monica Wijaya / Bandung, Indonesia / 2021 / Animation / 07:08 // Babe Jambrong and Bang Gondrong are public parking attendants behind a big mall in Jakarta. // Awards/Screenings: Animakini 2021 – Pemenang 1 Animasi Tingkat Mahasiswa – 3D di kota Jakarta | Viddsee Juree Award ID 2021 – Finalist Top 10 di Indonesia

LANTUN RAKYAT // Dwi Cahyo / Jakarta, Indonesia / 2019 / Experimental / 05:16 // Election campaign posters are spread all over the streets of Surabaya. Most residents of Surabaya City may not even care.

NEBENG (Along The Road) // M. Faisal Hibatullah / Pekalongan, Indonesia / 2020 / Fiction / 21:00 // For some extra money, Karyo the truck driver was forced to deliver Tazbo’s dead body to a funeral home. // Awards/Screenings: Shortlist 32 film pendek FFI 2021 | Indiskop Film Festival Jury Prize 2021 | Semi-Finalist Festival Del Cinema De Cefalu Italy 2021.


Duration: 58:16

The listening ability for effective communication, we need to have the ability to listen. Although in the process of listening to other people, we often have to give in to the point of understanding the other person. The following films depict the efforts of the characters to communicate what they feel and think. There are those who managed to reach a common solution, but there are also those who are still confused until the end. Welcome to Indonesia. A beautiful country where the people live egalitarian side by side, uphold honesty, respect each other’s beliefs, and create a harmonious society that is full of love and humor. These fictions are not just some fiction.
Kemala Astika
SAB/SAT 3 12:15 Irama Indah Minihall
MIN/SUN 4 15:30 SKA (Rumah Film Sang Karsa)
Note: WITA (+8 GMT)

HARI SEBELUM PUASA (It All Ends On The Dining Table) // Aditia Santosa / Pangandaran / 2021 / Fiction / 14:53 // Feri and Galih are siblings. They argue about the will of their late mother. // Awards/Screenings: Pekan Raya Nenilai 2021

FUSION // Irvan Achmad, Rizaldy Bagas, Calista Aradea, Ice-Land / Bandung / 2022 / Fiction / 10:00 // A human couple who asked and told stories in four segments. // Awards/Screenings: Ganesha Film Festival 2022

WHAT IT TAKES TO GET A SHOT // Dito Prasetyo / Jakarta Selatan / 2021 / Fiction / 05:03 // While doing a scene, Damar asked the director to hold the scene to get the best shot.

MAYBE SOMEDAY, ANOTHER DAY, BUT NOT TODAY // Bihar Jafarian / Bandung / 2021 / Fiction / 23:05 // Tiara is trapped in her own household. She is willing to do anything for a glimpse of freedom.

SELAMAT DATANG DI INDONESIA (Welcome to Indonesia) // Azalia Muchransyah / Bogor / 2021 / Animation / 05:15 // Let’s learn about Indonesia in 20xx, before the citizens of the Earth moved to Mars because of a prolonged pandemic // Awards/Screenings: Begadang 2021 Nominee, MFW7.