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The Minikino Film Week 10 Youth Jury Board is composed from last year’s Minikino Film Festival Writers Internship 2023.

Building on their last year experience and networking during their internship, the participants will further hone their acquired knowledge and insight as jury members. The Youth Jury Board will decide on one film to be the Youth Jury Award Winner 2024.

Minikino Film Week 10 proudly present the 2024 Youth Jury members:


Nia is a recent graduate in English for Creative Industry from Surabaya, where her passion for filmmaking blossomed. Throughout her university years, she actively engaged in filmmaking, media analysis, and research, immersing herself in various film communities. Previously, she served as a Film Festival Writer intern for Minikino Film Week 9, further deepening her understanding of the short film circle.

Currently, Nia is dedicated to exploring the art of filmmaking while perfecting her skills in film appreciation through her writing. With an unwavering enthusiasm for film-related activities, she firmly believes in the transformative power of diversity and community in nurturing a vibrant film culture.

IG @natmarcella


Felix is a Film student who’s currently finishing his bachelor’s degree at Universitas Multimedia Nusantara. In 2023, he was the Festival Programmer of the 14th edition of UMN Animation & Film Festival (UCIFEST). He also got the chance to be the part of Minikino Film Week 9 Hybrid Intern Festival Writers cohort.

At the moment, he’s working on his debut short film as a screenwriter and director in his newly built production house, Memoir Films.



Putu Bayuwestra, also known as Bayu, a Bali-born film student and scriptwriter, is pursuing a Bachelor of Arts in Film and Television at the Indonesian Institute of the Arts Yogyakarta. His passion for cinema began with superhero movies in high school and expanded to diverse genres.

Inspired by directors like Abbas Kiarostami and Ryusuke Hamaguchi, Bayu is drawn to films that challenge norms. Actively involved in film activities, he’s written acclaimed short films like “Facticity” and contributes to Kamisinema. With his knowledge and experience, Bayu aspires to contribute to the Indonesian film ecosystem, especially in Bali.



Jules (they/he) is a neuroqueer media and cultural worker. Their involvement circles in the Indonesian arts and culture scene, media and journalism, and social movement. They have been traversing through the scene by collaborating with diverse cultural collectives, including Minikino in 2023 as part of Hybrid Intern Festival Writers cohort.

In their traverses, they are developing their interests in arts and culture, cinema, transformative curatorial practices, gender and queer epistemology, radical politics of collective care, decoloniality, class and labor movement, as well as translocal solidarity.

IG @artemisionne