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Minikino Film Week – Bali International Short Film Festival

MINIKINO FILM WEEK (MFW) – Bali International Short Film Festival

MFW – Bali International Short Film Festival, established in 2015, is a distinctive cinematic experience that brings the magic of international short films to the heart of Bali’s local communities. By hosting screenings in accessible venues and fostering open discussions, MFW encourages critical thinking and social awareness among viewers.  The festival’s inclusive nature empowers its audience with a diverse selection of the world’s finest short films.  With a commitment to rebuilding cinema culture in Bali and Indonesia, MFW creates opportunities for both locals and festival’s attendees to engage intimately with the island’s vibrant cultural landscape.


Introduced to Minikino Film Week in 2019, the Short Film Market section cultivates global, national, and local connections to enrich economic value and foster collaboration among filmmakers and industry professionals. Through a diverse array of creative activities held during the festival, the Short Film Market @MFW provides valuable opportunities for networking and meaningful engagement within the short film community, all aimed at enhancing economic value within the industry.

Mission Statement Of Minikino Film Week

  • Giving opportunities for the festival audience, to access the best and the latest achievement of short films produced by Indonesia, South East Asia, and International filmmakers.
  • Stimulate social awareness by arranging open public screenings in rural areas.
  • Encouraging awareness and critical thinking by encouraging after-screening Q&A and discussion.
  • Provide quality programs by presenting selected and exclusive short film programs which might not available elsewhere.
  • Creates a meeting place where filmmakers and audiences from around the world could meet and ignite creative discussion inspired by their works.
  • Building up a global network among short filmmakers in Indonesia, South East Asia, and internationally.
  • Stimulate cinema culture by stimulating community interest to watch films together in front of a projection screen and share their experience afterward.
  • Stimulate the development of the short film economical value in Indonesia, by building integration with international networks.