MFW7 Jury board consists of art, literature and film professionals that are diverse in nationality, disciplines and gender. Jury Board members are invited to preview the 2021 nominated short films that have passed through the pre-selection. Then the judging process will be done by writing personal comments on various subjects of the cinematic aspects of each film that was nominated for awards of Minikino Film Week 7.

The final results from the jury board are addressed as recommendations, and the final decision will be taken by the festival committee. Minikino Film Week 7 is honored to have their service.



Board member of the Yamagata International Documentary Film Festival and Independent Cinema Guild Japan, and an advisor for Tokyo Docs.

She has been organizing workshop retreats for documentary filmmakers since 2009. Producer of Odoriko (2020, director Yoichiro Okutani), which was invited to the Feature Competition of Intl Documentary Film Festival Amsterdam.


a Berlinale Talent Campus alumni, is a screenwriter and film director. His short and feature films have been screened in international festivals worldwide, from Berlinale to Tokyo IFF to Rotterdam IFF. His short film THE FOX EXPLOITS THE TIGER’S MIGHT, competed at the Cannes Critic’s Week in 2015. He has directed 4 feature films, with his latest ALI & THE QUEENS to be released in 2021.

Lucky was chosen as a short film directing mentor for ASEAN ROK FILM LEADERS INCUBATOR in 2017 held by the Korean Film Council. He has given film workshops for clients such as the MPAA, Singapore Tourism Board and Tropfest SEA. He regularly teaches film directing at Universitas Multimedia Nusantara.

KELLY LUI (Canada)

Kelly Lui is the Shorts and Special Projects Programmer at the Toronto Reel Asian Film Festival, a co-host of the Backstory podcast, and also the Distribution Coordinator at Ouat Media, a Toronto-based international sales and distribution company specializing in short films.

Besides her work in film, she is a co-founder of The Asian Canadian Living Archive (TACLA) collective as well as a community arts facilitator who is interested in the ways digital media can be a tool and site for social change.


Monez is among the most prominent Balinese illustrators with more than 15 years of professional experience. After having worked as a pattern designer for the garment industry, he started sharing his work on social media, where he began his successful career in illustration.

His long list of clients includes Procreate apps, Affinity by Serif, Starbucks, Havaianas, Bali Zoo, Grab, Walt Disney Indonesia, and many more. Monez has done a variety of illustration work areas like packaging design, merchandise, as well murals on hotels and restaurants all over Indonesia.


ANOM DARSANA (Indonesia)

Anom Darsana is a sound engineer, music producer & director, graduated from French literature and sound engineering in Switzerland. He is the founder of Antida Music Production, an acclaimed and well-known recording studio in Bali. He involved in various music and art festivals in Bali, including the Ubud Village Jazz Festival (2013-present), Audiobookportal.com (2020), and many more.

He also dedicates his expertise and resources to various socio-creative activism such as Malu dong Environment Festival and  producing several online streaming art stages.

JOHN BADALU (Indonesia)

John Badalu is a film producer, programmer and consultant. He also provides training for filmmaking and film criticism.

John has worked as a programming consultant for some big film festivals like Berlin, Shanghai, and Tallinn Black Night among others. He is also one of the founders of Q! Film Festival, the only Queer-themed festival in Indonesia.

Currently John teaches film workshops while developing a few film projects from. Myanmar, The Philippines and Thailand as a producer. He can be found in quiet beaches and hidden waterfalls in his spare time.


Sanchai Chotirosseranee is the Deputy Director of the Film Archive (Public Organisation), Thailand.

Currently, he is a programmer for Thai Short Film and Video Festival and Silent Film Festival in Thailand. He is also the executive committee for Southeast Asia Fiction Film Lab (SEAFIC) as well as the secretary general for Southeast Asia-Pacific Audiovisual Archive Association (SEAPAVAA).


AKBAR RAFSANJANI (IR2021 programmer, Aceh)

Akbar is the program director for the Aceh Film Festival and an alternative film screening, Aceh Menonton.

Akbar also works as a researcher in the Research and Development Department of the Yayasan Aceh Documentary. Writing as a foreign correspondent on SINdie (Sindie.sg), an editorial platform that looks at Southeast Asian film culture. This year he joined the Indonesia Raja 2021 programmer board.

KARDIAN NARAYANA (IR2021 programmer, Bali)

Kardian Narayana has been a regional journalist for Kompas TV since December 2015. He also has a great interest in art, both traditional and modern.

He then connected with Minikino and became the Indonesia Raja programmer since 2019 until now. He is also still actively producing documentary and fictional films with the Komunitas Mahima Singaraja Bali.

KEMALA ASTIKA (IR2021 programmer Jawa Barat)

Kemala’s experience in joining the Komunitas Belajar Bikin Film in Yogyakarta around 2000 attracted Kemala Astika to put more serious attention to the condition of cinema in Indonesia. She is the founder of the film community, Cinema Cirebon and also serves as the Director of the Festival Film Bahari.

Periodically, she also encourages communities in Cirebon to hold film screening events. Kemala Astika has worked as a programmer for Indonesia Raja since 2018, highlighting short films from the Cirebon and West Java regions.

NOSA NORMANDA (IR2021 programmer, Jakarta Metropolitan)

Nosa is a writer, anthropologist, and filmmaker. He is also one of the founders of MondiBlanc Film Workshop, a scholarship-based film workshop. He was once working as a film crew in the United States and an International Video Journalist at a US news agency.

In 2020, Nosa was actively involved as a host of various events at Minikino Film Week 6, including the production of the podcast Kopi Selem at the festival. Recently, he is focused on teaching and developing the video and film industry in Jakarta. This year Nosa also joins the Indonesia Raja 2021 programmer board.

SAZKIA NOOR ANGGRAINI (IR2021 programmer, D.I.Y & Jawa Tengah)

Anggi is a film lecturer at the Indonesian Art Institute (ISI) Yogyakarta and a researcher interested in the topics of narrative studies, history and film archives. Her latest research is related to Women in the Indonesian Film Industry with KAFEIN (Indonesian Film Reviewers Association).

Anggi is also the initiator of the Kelab Film, a joint film study initiative and has been a curator at Sewon Screening (2016), programmer at the Documentary Film Festival (2017-2018) and become an Indonesia Raja programmer for Yogyakarta and Central Java since 2019.

WAHYUDHA (IR2021 programmer, Padangpanjang)

Wahyudha is a film and television program student with an interest in film studies. He was involved in various production and film appreciation activities in West Sumatra (2015 until present), CWW International Film Lab, Bali (2019), the Jury of the Makara Emas Award for the UI Film Festival short film competition (2019-2020).

Wahyudha joining the Indonesia Raja board of programmers in 2021