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MFW7 Opening Program



Duration: 72:34

We heard similar stories from around the globe for the past two years. The shorts selected in the festival opening program are a reminder of how beautiful, personal and diverse each stories are. We want to remember and understand how the world is hopeful by celebrating shorts watched on big screens in the midst of pandemic. Let’s remember being human through cinema

Note: WITA (+8 GMT)


CHINTYA // Sesarina Puspita / Indonesia / 2019 / Fiction / 23:59 // One day a conservative family have a super annoying guest, Chintya. They politely welcome Chintya but secretly hate her present. // Awards/Screenings: MFW7 World Premiere.

PROPHECY // Gladys Ng / Singapore / 2020 / Experimental / 04:00 // Prophecy invites contemplation of our earthly and spiritual existence through imageries that depict the vast and the minute. // Awards/Screenings: ArtScience on Screen ‐ January 2021 / MFW7 International Premiere.

DYSTOPIA // Laura Ugolini / Norway / 2021 / Fiction / 06:50 // In the abandoned hangar of a young girl’s fantasy, a gang of bloodthirsty fashionistas figure out how to assemble the ideal man. // Awards/Screenings: FANTASPOA, PANIC FEST.

PAIN// Anna Rose Duckworth / New Zealand / 2020 / Fiction / 09:00 // A young girl has an earth‐shattering realisation that her father is not invincible // Awards/Screenings: New Zealand International Film Festival 2020 ‐ World Premiere / Show Me Shorts Film Festival 2020, New Zealand.

FACE RECOGNITION // Martinus Klemet / Estonia / 2021 / Animation / 06:45 // Face Recognition failure ‐ Deadbeat Igor‐503 evades the cops detectors during a night of wild drinking. // Awards/Screenings: Won “Animation Sans Frontières” scholarship at CEE Animation Pitching Forum 2020.

ACCIDENTAL ACTIVIST // Jinung Chung / Canada / 2020 / Documentary / 22:00 // An inspiring story on the ways El-Farouk Khaki has dedicated himself to creating a world of wellness and oneness as a gay Muslim. // Awards/Screenings: Toronto Reel Asian International Film Festival / Tokyo Lift-Off Film Festival