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Khozy Rizal / Indonesia / 2022 / Fiction / 15:00

A subtle approach to the gender discrimination issue occurs in modern urban society.

Awards & Screenings;

“This short film has an overwhelming strength in the performance of the protagonist. Her face and sweat let us feel her anguish in the midst of a macho society. The camera strives to capture a unique realism and succeeds. A very powerful short film.”
Jaime E. Manrique
Final Round National Jury Board 2022
“A very strong and important story of discrimination against women in an already precarious job market. This short film succinctly depicts the entanglement of great capitalism and patriarchy to launch its criticism against the widely praised platform economy. The last character’s gaze of the camera put moral questions to the audience on this rather big dead end. This is also a well-crafted film whose elements support each other quite well. The editing brings rhythm to the story for the audience to contemplate. The casting is superb, and the gender code transformation is more than convincing.”
Eric Sasono
Final Round National Jury Board 2022

Director’s Biography:

Khozy Rizal is a filmmaker based in Makassar, Indonesia. In 2020, he founded Hore Pictures and then he produced and directed a short film entitled ‘Makassar is a City for Football Fans’ which was released in 2021. The film has been screened at several internationa festivals such as Sundance, BFI Flare, Minikino Film Week and others.

The following year, he directed ‘Ride to Nowhere’ which won the National Competition Award at Minikino Film Week.


  • Basri dan Salma dalam Komedi yang Terus Berputar (in post-production)
  • Ride to Nowhere (2022)
  • Makassar is a City for Football Fans (2021)

Distribution’s contact;

Hore Pictures @instagram