MFW8 Youth Jury Board was the participants of the Minikino Hybrid internship for film Festival Writers last year (2021). Through this process, they will work further on their perspectives, knowledge and insights, which were obtained during the internship and networkings.

Youth Jury Board will decide the winner of Youth Jury Award 2022.

The judging process will be done by writing juries personal comments on various subjects of the cinematic aspects of each film that was nominated for awards in Minikino Film Week 8. The final decision will be taken by a deliberation jury meetings, during the festival dates. Minikino Film Week 8 is honored to have their service

Filmmaker / Bali, Indonesia
IG: @erde.rede

(b. 2000) He’s a freelance screenwriter for feature films and a director of independent short films and music videos under the collective, Poolside Studios. Formerly a festival writer for MFW7, he gained an interest in film criticism and the festival circuit. His various interests boil down to how films reflect the dynamics of human relationships. He may have not determined his true path yet, but he’s enjoying every step of the way.

Philosophy Graduates / Bandung, Indonesia
IG: @asaptipis

(b. 1997) Ozi just completed his studies at the Faculty of Philosophy, Universitas Gadjah Mada. He interested in issues about equality, modernity-coloniality, and audio-visual culture. At the beginning of Pandemi, he co-produced Cinémanic Magazine, a printed magazine discussed about films and things around it. He currently living in Bandung.

Film Student / Bali, Indonesia
IG: @nobodycanequalme

(b.1999, she/they) Azel spent years of multidisciplinary experiences within arts and culture, focusing on art management, film programming, and creative writing. She was selected to participate in several arts workshops held by Beijing Normal University, Yayasan Biennale Yogyakarta, and MUSEUM MACAN.

She was involved in Festival Film Dokumenter 2020. In 2021, she participated in the Minikino Hybrid Internship Program for Writers, and from that she contributed some writings for Minikino Articles and also programmed MMSD December 2021 : Fine Line. She is now advancing documentary’s education and distribution with In-Docs, while finishing her study at Indonesia Institute of Arts, Yogyakarta. She splits her residences between Denpasar and Malang.

Literature Graduates / Yogyakarta, Indonesia
IG: @tirzakanya

(b. 2000), Tirza Kanya Bestari recently graduated (hon.) from Universitas Sanata Dharma, Yogyakarta. Her major in literature introduces the modern, critical framework to perceive cultural products, such as films. Alongside choreographing for musical theatre, the Yogyakarta-based spends a lot of her time juggling from one film festival to another; she is currently aspiring to her technicolor dream – would love to continue her exploration of art, particularly on dance and film.