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August 2004, Minikino Monthly Screening & Discussion

First Love from Jakarta

We focus on 3+1 short films this month: 3 made in Jakarta, 3 about love, and 3 first shorts. Let’s support these new filmmakers with our comments and criticism for the first films – and hope they’ll keep coming up with new ones!
+1: there’s also an extra local film in each venue, made by young filmmakers as well.

Programmer: Tintin Wulia
Moderator: Shafiq Pontoh, Edo Wulia, Dian Siswandi, Tarlen Handayani


Salman Aristo, Indonesia 2004, 07:11

This is a story about something that’s broken.


Eric Sasono, Indonesia 2004, 11:00

Sisi is a woman whose marriage life is a big disappointment for her. In every bit of her adultery to her husband, she finds what she needs.


Angga Dwimas Sasongko, Indonesia 2004, 11:00

When having a broken heart is just the same as falling in love.

Griya Musik Irama Indah, Denpasar
Sunday, 15 August 2004, 14:00 WITA
Contact: Dian Siswandi, M: +62 (0)816 11 56 999

QB World Books Kemang, Jakarta Selatan
Wednesday, 18 August 2004, 19:00 WITA
Contact: Shafiq Pontoh, M: +62 (0)856 216 7071

Griya Musik Irama Indah, Denpasar
Sunday, 29 August 2004, 17:00 WITA
Contact: Santi Mulyawati, M: +62 (0)815 840 843 75

Toko Buku Kecil, Bandung
Sunday, 15 August 2004, 15:30 WIB
Contact: Tarlen Handayani, M: +62 (0)818 421 940

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