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June 2003, Minikino Monthly Screening & Discussion

Programmer: Kiki Moechtar


It’s Almost There
Ariani Darmawan, 2001, Indonesia

A woman and her seven-days trip of recollection to Indonesia.


Too Much
Luciana J, 2002, Singapore

Deforestation, killings, manipulation, war. Isn’t it too much already?


Gourmet Baby
Sandi Tan, 2001, Singapore

A middle-aged bachelor wants to give his young niece the world – on her palate. Who is the grown-up and who is the gourmet baby?


A City of Desire
Ariani Darmawan, 2000, Indonesia

The first to arrive could not understand what drew people to Zobeide, this ugly city.


Lia & Kucingnya
Tintin Wulia, 2002, Indonesia

About how a 6 yr-old girl from Flores makes her own animation, “Kucing Mau Main Bola.”

Irama Indah, Denpasar
June, 2003

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