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A Peek into Minikino Film Week 6 Kitchen

A Peek into Minikino Film Week 6 Kitchen

Written by Ni Kadek Diana Pramesti. Translated by Rickdy Vanduwin

Last Friday (4/9), Minikino Film Week (MFW) 6 was officially opened at Rumah Sanur, Denpasar. In the middle of Covid-19, I heard the MFW6 committees saying repeatedly that the festival this year felt surreal. Pandemic makes things become uncertain. MFW6 becomes a real physical festival in the middle of the pandemic with a lot of extra cautious effort by the whole committee. 

This year I (finally) have the chance to become one of MFW6 volunteers! It also feels surreal for me. I’ve been wanting to be involved in this festival since 2017 when I knew Minikino for the first time. This pandemic somehow allows opportunities to do this.

Kaliadrem buatan Teman Sayur – Anggara Mahendra

Seeing the preparation and implementation of MFW 6 as insiders makes me feel good. In fact, it is really nice to see the small things inside. When you stop by the snack table during Opening Night MFW 6 for example. I found a familiar snack. There are sengait, kaliadrem, and oranges from Teman Sayur by Anggara Mahendra and Kristina Komalasari. Then there are vegetarian and non-vegetarian risoles from Rissois Bali cooked directly by Peter Harjadi & Bhismarck. Also Pie dari Ibu Balinese custard pie.

Behind those names, I know them as Minikino’s friends. It’s great to see the MFW 6 committee include them so that the opening event provides space to meet and talk, collaborative work initiatives and support, or simply a shot of enthusiasm. All of these things matter even more in a pandemic time like today.

I still remember how the MFW 6 Program Director Fransiska Prihadi greeted the audience at the Opening Night, saying that the stage is a living room. “Each of us is part of the family, and this is our home,” said Cika, her nickname. With such a concept, activities such as festivals feel warmer, more intimate, closer to the heart, even though at this time we have to keep our distance physically — for the common good. This concept seems not only finished when the opening of MFW 6 is ended. In fact, I am sure that the spirit of realizing MFW 6 is the collective spirit of many parties.

Still on the opening day, at dinner, we were served with Mrs. Iis’s yellow rice that was served by a natural material box by Pattika Bali made of betel nut. I later learned that the leaf-wrapped rice that was given to the MFW 6 crew before the event was also Mrs. Iis’s cooking. When I asked Retno Mumpuni, MFW 6 treasurer, Mrs. Iis’s cooking has been served at Minikino screenings, events, or gatherings for a long time to ensure that her team’s stomach is always filled. “Anyway, all the crew should have good stamina,” added Kak Retno (she is like everyone’s big sister). Mrs. Iis’s cooking reminds me of cooking at home, simple and always delicious to be enjoyed together.

It’s true, during the festival all the crew never seems to get a chance to feel hungry. The next day, I had dinner at a private warehouse next to MASH Denpasar which was transformed throughout the festival week into a Depot. Anyone who has finished work can pull over for dinner and can share interesting things about the day’s activities.

makan malam buatan dapur mak ipuk – Cik

That Saturday (5/9) night, we had dinner of sayur asem, fresh basil and cabbage, tempeh and bacem tofu, anchovies and chili sauce. At the table, I was also sitting with the others, a foreign mother. Recently I finally found out that it was Mrs. Linda’s kitchen. Makipuk turned out to be the mother of MFW6 Volunteer Manager Inez Peringga. I remember again, everyone involved in this festival is not other people, but close friends and family of Minikino as well.


Tuesday night, our depot is filled with Peter Harjadi’s cooking. Kak Peter, as some of us greeted him, cooked Indonesian and Dutch dishes. Bitterballen, Mexican salad, Breneboun soup, butter chicken, banana bread, and ice cream are all delicious evening meals. It was like eating food cooked by your own brother.

Several times, I was involved in big events with many parties that sometimes I didn’t even know the person, but I ate or used his services. Looking at MFW 6 from the inside like this is really fun. I got another perspective, something new for me. Everyone really understands what needs to be done, knows each other’s character, supports one another. Without hesitation to include family and close friends in the festival makes this festival a fun collaboration. MFW 6 works with all of your support, everyone who believes in the potential of collaboration.

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