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Minikino Maret 2003

Sneak Preview of a documentary in the making
Presenter: Daniel McGuire (USA/Indonesia)
Moderator: Tintin Wulia, Denpasar

German-Indonesian Film Award Winner 2003
Mar 15, 2003


1. Quiero Ser
Florian Gallenberger
For their dream of a better future, two orphan brothers put aside every peso they make.

2. Perückenmacher
Steffen Schaeffer, 1999
In medieval plague-invested, London, a man seals himself off from he world to escape the danger of infection.

3. Ein Einfacher Auftrag
Raymond Boy, 1996
A fairy who has been fulfilling wishes is supposed to visit a bricklayer at his ramshacklehut in order to fulfill three of of his wishes


1. Kamar Mandi
Rusli, 1999

2. Dapupu Project
Wahyu Aditya, 2000

3. Mayar
Ifa Irfansyah, 2002
About Mayar’s works in south Jakarta, homecoming days in Jogjakarta.

4. Violence Against Fruits
Tintin Wulia, 2000
The Disembowelment of Diospyros Kaki inspired by the May 1998 Jakarta riot.

5. Di Antara Masa Lalu dan Masa Sekarang
Eddie Cahyono, 2001

Mar 16, 2003


1. Balance
Wolfgang Lauenstein, 1989
The setting is on a floatingplatform where a group of evenly and carefully placed men live.

2. Kleingeld
Marc Andreas Borchert, 1998
A tragicomic story about the longing of human warmth.

3. Quest
Thomas Stellmach & Tyron Montgomery, 1996
In a quest for water, a sande puppet leaves the sand world in whitch it leaves.

4. Schwarzfahrer
Pepe Danquart, 1992
An old tram, a pensioner, housewives, a couple of youths, a few giggling girls, various other passengers.

5. Gregors Größte Erfindung
Johannes Kiefer, 2001
Gregor lives with his beloved grandmother whose legs grow weaker every day.


1. Mass Grave
Lexy Junior Rambadetta, 2001
When bones of the military massacre victims of march 1966 were found in Wonosobo in 2002, old wounds resurface.

2. Ketok
Tintin Wulia, 2002
A pixilated representation of a middle-aged couple’s account on some mysterious knockings on their door….or was it?

3. Loud Me Loud
Bayu Sulistyo S, 2002

SUNDAY, March 23, 2003, 17.00 WIB
GALERI OKTAGON, Jl. Gunung Sahari Raya 50A, Jakarta Pusat
contact: Andrew Linggar 021.4204545

Programmer: Kiki Moechtar
Moderator: Kiki Moechtar – Jakarta

1. Index 1/Stained
KIM Gyu Chui, 1993
South Koea
I’ve never walked ahead, but I came too far.

2. The Still
Sam Voutas, 2000
What’s between the frame? Everybody loves the still! Until the trend is over, then the still is dead.

3. Are You Close Enough
Tintin Wulia, 2000
A monk is traveling far in his mind. Is he close enough to the place he longs to be? Perhaps he’s there already.

4. El Meler
Dennis Adishwara,2002
El Meler ruled Haji Subuh street. One day came a person who challenged him into a fight.

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