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MMSD JUNE 2021 featuring Miyu Distribution: Women & Non-Binary Directors

MMSD JUNE 2021 featuring Miyu Distribution: Women & Non-Binary Directors
Program duration: 1:01:41

Today is the time when society is pushed to be more open to discuss what it means to be non-binary. But, does it matter if the film directors are women and non-binary?


WATCH THIS PROGRAM ONLINE at minikino.org/miyu-films

Or viewing it on projection screen

FRIDAY, 11 JUNE 2021, 19:00  (UTC +8) (Bali Time)
Art-House cinema MASH Denpasar
Jl. Pulau Madura no.3, Denpasar, Bali, Indonesia
map: minikino.org/mashdenpasar

*registration on-site, maximum 20 audience

Online Q&A

FRIDAY, 11 JUNE 2021, 20:15 (UTC +8) / 14:15 FRANCE TIME

with: Adrianne Nowak (director of Gusła or the Spirits), Marie Deboissy (director of Sun’s Fever)**, and Valentine Vendroux (director of The Thundered Man)**
**to be confirmed
please register to get the access here: minikino.org/talks

Clara Franciosi/ 2019/ France/ 03:29

Zoé, a 8 years old girl, plays a game alone. In this game, she expresses her imagination. But these absurd adventures stop when she’s interrupted by her two older sisters.

Camille Alméras/ 2017/ France/ 09:34

Sindre lives in Norway in a small village by the sea. He often visits Inger, the shipwright of the village, and watches her as she works. She is building a traditional wooden boat and that fascinates Sindre.

List of Screenings and Awards:
– Festival national du film d’animation, France
– Un Festival C’est Trop Court, France

Martina Scarpelli/ 2018/ France, Denmark/ 12:07

A woman is locked in her home with an egg, which she is both attracted to and scared of. She eats the egg, she repents. She kills it. She lets the egg die of hunger. EGG is a poetic short film based on a small yet significant moment in the director’s own life. It portraits a moment of shame, defeat and yet of victory.

List of Screenings and Awards:
– Golden Dove for best animated short film at DOK Leipzig, Germany
– Jean-Luc Xiberras award for a first film at Festival International du Film d’Animation d’Annecy, France
– Grand Jury animated short film award at AFI Fest, USA
– Best international animation film at PÖFF Black Nights
– Estonia Short film special mention at Manchester Animation Festival, UK
– Special distinction short film award at Bucheon, Korea

Thinh Nguyen/ 2019/ Denmark/ 06:00

Tom is living in a world where he doesn’t feel that he belongs, torn between staying or searching for a better place. On his last day, Tom decides to give all of his plants away to the ones he loves, without knowing that they already have a secret plan for him.

List of Screenings and Awards:
Jury Honorable Mention at Toronto Animated Image Society Animation Showcase

Valentine Vendroux/ 2019/ France/ 03:58

Papillon is a man, happy in his unusual job: he is a table man.

List of Screenings and Awards:
– Ottawa International Animation Festival, Canada
– Viborg Animation Festival, Denmark
– Insomnia International Animation Film Festival, Russia
– LINOLEUM International Contemporary Animation and Media Art Festival, Ukraine

Marie Deboissy/ 2019/ France/ 04:44

Oscar, 17, spends his summer with his mother and Marianne, who is thirty years older than him. This summer, an ardent desire emerges at Oscar for Marianne.

List of Screenings and Awards:
– Insomnia International Animation Film Festival, Russia
– GLAS Animation Festival, Barkeley, California
– Athens Animfest, Greece

Adrienne Nowak/ 2016/ France/ 08:58

Adrienne goes back to Poland, where she was born, to see her grandmother and ask her family about communism. In her aunt and uncle’s cozy kitchen she will learn that communist spirits aren’t the only ones to haunt the Polish imagination and that there are many unexpected and old means to face them.

List of Screenings and Awards:
– Hot Docs Canadian International Documentary Festival, Canada
– International Film Festival Message to Man, Russia
– Slamdance Film Festival, Utah, USA
– Seoul International Cartoon and Animation Festival, Korea
– New Chitose Airport International Animation Festival, Hokkaido, Japan


Nadja ANDRASEV/ 2019/ France, Hungary/ 12:51

A betrayed wife starts to investigate her husband’s mistresses. Her jealousy is gradually replaced by curiosity.

List of Screenings and Awards:
– Zlatko Grgić award for Best first short film Animafest Zagreb
– Grand jury award for Best animated short SXSW
– European short film audience award Festival Premiers plans
– Jury honorable mention in Animated shorts competition Slamdance

About Miyu Distribution

Created in 2017, Miyu Distribution was born from the partnership between Luce Grosjean and her company Seve Films, and Miyu Productions. Specialized in international sales and distribution of animation short films, Miyu Distribution distributes the graduation films of leading animation schools as well as films from independent production structures.






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