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MMSD September 2019: Cinema Without Wall

CINEMA WITHOUTWALL is a movement that takes cinema beyond borders for people. With several programs such as international Film Lab, Film Roadshow and Impact, CWW strives to gather international young filmmakers all around the world to collaborate, learn, create and screen films that can bridge people and make an impact.

CINEMA WITHOUTWALL adalah gerakan sinema tanpa batas untuk rakyat. Dengan beberapa program seperti Film Lab internasional, Film Roadshow dan Impact, CWW berusaha mempertemukan sineas muda dari seluruh dunia untuk berkolaborasi, belajar, menciptakan dan memutar film yang dapat menjembatani serta memberikan dampak.

Screening schedules:

Jumat, 13 September 2019 – 19:00 wib
organized by Cinema Cirebon
Kantor Disnaker Kota Cirebon
Jl. DR. Cipto Mangunkusumo No.123, Pekiringan, Kec. Kesambi, Kota Cirebon, Jawa Barat 45131

Jumat, 20 September 2019 – 19:00 wita
organized by Cine Maestro
Rumah Sanur Creative Hub

Jumat, 27 September 2019 – 19:00 wita
art-house cinema MASH Denpasar
Jalan Pulau Madura nomor 3, Denpasar

Sabtu, 28 September 2019 – 20:00 wita
Rumah Film Sang Karsa, Lovina-Buleleng
KM 13.2, Jl. Seririt- Singaraja, Temukus, Kec. Banjar, Kabupaten Buleleng, Bali 81152

Film Details


A story about a farmer who wished to change his job, suddenly time-traveled to the


Directed by TEAM 1 – Rubanesswaran S/O S.K. Soma Suntharam

Filmmaking background:

This film was made by five Malaysian film students at Sangeh Village, and was their first

time visiting Bali.


Yesterday You Told Me About The Blue Blue Sky

A story about a Chinese girl meeting a Balinese man with a boat.

Directed by TEAM 3 – Yun Jen Ho

Filmmaking background:

This film was made by five Taiwanese and Macao film students at Candikuning Village,

and was their first time visiting Bali.


A Voice In Silence

A story about a busy farmer with 2 kids, one day he heard only their voices.

Directed by TEAM 4 – Jihyun Min

Filmmaking background:

This film won almost all awards at CINEMA WITHOUTWALL International Film Lab

despite the fact that they were only 2 South Korean filmmakers in the team. They

collaborated really well with their local mentor and volunteers.


Pianak Adiri

A story about a farmer mother who wished her son could understand what she wanted.

Directed by TEAM 5 – Wahyudhi Herman

Filmmaking background:

This film was made by a mix of film students from ISI Padangpanjang (Sumatra), UPI

Bandung (West Java) and Institut Kesenian Jakarta (DKI Jakarta). They barely know

each other before and had never been to Bali, but their sensitivity was good to sense the

critical issue at Mengesta Village.


How to Act Like Hooman

A story about a monkey who run away and have a new adventure imitating humans.

Directed by TEAM 9 – I Kadek Jaya Wiguna and Herry Bhaskara

Filmmaking background:

This film was made by 4 film students from Institut Kesenian Jakarta (DKI Jakarta). They

depicted Sangeh Village in an amusingly creative way, no wonder it won the hearts of

the locals and was awarded as the Best Film by Locals and Best Editing.



A story about a man who saves up money in a box to move to Jakarta, suddenly found

money was missing.

Directed by TEAM 12 – Ye Min Thu Zaw

Filmmaking background:

This film was made by a mix of non-film students from Myanmar, STD Bali, and film

students from ISI Yogyakarta and ISI Padangpanjang. None of them know each other

beforehand, and despite the language barrier, they came up with a beautiful story that

sums up the life of a coffee farmer at Bon Village.


This screening collaboration made possible by:

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