film-film pendek Indonesia di Bogotá Short Film Festival


Dengan dukungan dari Kemendikbud, Dana Indonesiana, dan LPDP, dengan bangga Minikino dapat membawa Juri Internasional, dua filmmaker, dan programmer Minikino ke Bogotá Short Film Festival di Kolombia!

Fransiska Prihadi (Program Director Minikino Film Week), Nirartha Bas Diwangkara (Sutradara “Insanely Infatuated with Someone at the Most Inappropriate Time”), Brahmma Putra Wijaya (Sutradara “Seragam”), dan Edo Wulia (Juri Internasional #20BOGOSHORTS, Minikino) akan berbagi pengalaman mereka melalui presentasi singkat selama mengunjungi Bogotá Short Film Festival dan momen-momen di Kolombia selama kurang lebih dua minggu melalui berbagai foto dan video mereka.

30 Desember 2022, jam 19:00 WITA

Presentasi dapat disaksikan secara online melalui channel Youtube kami di



FRANSISKA PRIHADI is an architect and co-founder of the art-house cinema MASH Denpasar. She served as a guest programmer, preselections committee & jury for various national and international short film festivals, with experience as a facilitator and mentor for filmmaking and film critic workshops

NIRARTHA BAS DIWANGKARA was born in Denpasar – Bali and graduated from the Faculty of Letter at Udayana University and had working experience in several tourism organizations while volunteering in film screening communities and film festivals in Bali. He was selected to join CCIP (Community College Initiative Program) facilitated by AMINEF (American-Indonesian Exchange Foundation) in 2014 to study Digital Media Emphasize in filmmaking for one year and do an internship in a local film festival.

In 2018, he co-founded Film Sarad, a film production community. The short film that he wrote and directed entitled “Insanely Infatuated with Someone at the Most Inappropriate Time” (Tergila – Gila) has been selected and won some film competitions and has traveled around Southeast Asia. His documentary and animation production in 2020 was funded and supported by The Ministry of Culture and Education and The Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy. Currently, he is in post-production of documentary web series on Balinese cuisine and in pre-production for directing two short films, an animation about the body image of a Balinese girl and a live-action that explores sexual abuse that happened to young boys in a religious institution in Bali.

BRAHMMA PUTRA WIJAYA is a narrative film writer and director from Indonesia that currently focuses on issue-based magical realistic stories. He has received recognition at various film festivals for his latest short:  “SERAGAM” (Uniform), two of which are the JAFF Film Festival (2020) and the Blow-Up Filmfest in Chicago. He is an alumnus of the New York Film Academy’s directing program. During his study, he participated in the production of more than 30 short films in which he collaborated with artists from various countries.

He is currently working on a feature film project and a few short film projects in both Indonesia and Finland. DEWA is a magical-realistic adventure short film that talks about the joys and pains of growing up in Indonesia. It tells the tale of Dewa, a 10-year-old boy in search of his missing brother who never came home due to their abusive parents. Not knowing where to search, DEWA visits MBOK SIRNI, a clairvoyant and omnipresent shaman that shows him his past and future. This project is currently in post-production and is to be completed by early December 2022.

EDO WULIA Based in Bali, Indonesia, Edo Wulia is an artist with over 25 years of experience. He has worked as a musician/percussionist, sound engineer, visual artist, and designer. He has been working with Minikino as one of the programmers and screening officers since 2003 until he was promoted to the organization’s director in 2014. And then in 2016, he was also positioned as the festival director for Minikino Film Week, Bali International Short Film Festival until now. He served on the Short Film Final Jury in Festival Film Indonesia 2021 and 2022, and the International Competition Jury of the Tampere Film Festival in 2022.



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