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S-Express: China 2006
Programmed by Maggie Lee

S-Express China in 2006 (programmed by Maggie Lee) as the representative of short films production in China in 2006. This program has been screened to the Indonesian public in the 8th JiFFest 2006 in Jakarta, as well as in Southeast Asian countries that are involved.

S-Express is an exchange and exhibition of short films between countries initiated by Yuni Hadi (Substation, Singapore), Amir Muhammad (Malaysian Shorts), and Chalida Uabumrungjit (Thai Film Foundation) in 2002 and since 2004 Minikino join for program Indonesian short film part. In 2005, S-Express have additional programs, that are from the Philippines (programmed by Alexis A. Tioseco) and from China (programmed by Maggie Lee).


An Interior View of Death (Si Wang De Neijing)
dir. Cui Zi’en, China, 2004, 15 Min.

A pair of twins makes an ablution for people who died in car accidents.


dir. Xu Xin, China, 2004, 18 Min.

This is a story of people overcrowding railroad transportation during China’s Spring Festival, so as to enable them to return home and reunite with their families.


Terrace (Tian Tai Yue Guang)
dir. Song Di, China, 2006, 11 Min.

A man stands on a rooftop and is about to commit suicide when a teenage schoolgirl appears. His life will never be the same again.


The Pain Of Others
dir. Tom Shu-Yu Lin, Taiwan, 2005, 30 Min.

A Private haze the rookie for amusement, Private First Class tries to stop it, but the Private brings up the dark secrets of their past.

Griya Musik Irama Indah, Denpasar
Februari 25, 2007, 15:00 WITA
Contact: Liza Irman, M: +62 (0)8164872069

Oktagon Gallery, Jakarta Pusat
(TBA) Februari, 2007, 14:00
Contact: Vara, M: +62(0)816777742

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