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About Minikino

Minikino is an Indonesia’s short film festival organization with an international networking. We works throughout the year, arranging and organizing various forms of short film festivals and its supporting activities with their own sub-focus.

Minikino currently runs 3 different short film festivals;

Also 2 (two) annual short film networking projects

  • Indonesia Raja (National short programs exchange, annually since 2015)
  • S-Express (Regional Southeast Asia short programs exchange, annually since 2003)

An annual National competition


Minikino was initiated in 2002, and since then, have been working as a non-profit short film organization. The member of a committee consists of volunteering professionals, artists and film enthusiasts who works overtime to support the organization. The organization running cost is solely covered by private funding, sponsors, also occasional government’s funding as per-project basis. A lot of in-kind support also involved, supporting various organizational activities.

Minikino believes that a short film, like a poem or short story, is a self-contained work with its own literary merit. A well-programmed selection of short films is a potent stimulant for discussion, which in turn will promote critical thinking. Seizing this idea, in 2002 Minikino began coupling its unique programs of short films from around the world with moderated discussions. Minikino since then declared its commitment to a “healthy dose of short films”.

Minikino also works with other film festivals and short film programmers world wide by designing special programs of international or Indonesian short films, providing their audience with an opportunity to see and discuss about films they might never get to see otherwise. Minikino has also published and distributed several short film selections in electronic form, and organised film-related workshops.


Pulling itself out of the “indie films” that overly romanticism in Indonesia, Minikino decided to focus on the format and medium of storytelling rather than the potentially misleading spirit of “independency”.

With the pretext of making “independent” films, thousands of films – that happened to be short in duration – have been made in Indonesia since 1998, the year that was historically known as Indonesia’s era of reform. Little, however, was considered qualified enough to reach international audience.

The problem might be a quite simple: focusing on the spirit, Indonesian filmmakers are making “independent films”, not realizing the format of storytelling that they’re using. The result is a great number of feature-length-wanna-be masqueraded as short film. A cut version of a big film. An unconscious imitation of the most popular formats in Indonesia: TV soaps, Web Series dan Movie Blockbuster Franchise. A lengthy, boring version of one idea that could be simple and smart had it been treated the proper way.

Minikino feel sure that to break free from this circle, a focus first had to be decided and it is as simple as: SHORT FILMS. Minikino is the first organization in Indonesia to declare its focus on short films.


The next problem lies in the first problem: people are not aware about the short film format. This came from lack of exposure to short film culture. Therefore Minikino focuses on creating a short film culture in Indonesia, by holding a regular screening and discussion of an international selection of short films. These screening and discussion of short films are attended by the filmmakers in whichever possible ways; including intercontinental online chats arranged directly after a screening.

Minikino believes that culture can only exist and develop with exchange, not isolation. Through Minikino’s screening and discussion, Minikino promotes exchange and networking amongst filmmakers and the audience. Some filmmaking groups have been established by filmmakers who met as audience in Minikino’s regular screening and discussion activities.

By distributing and encouraging people to see what other people are doing, Minikino ensures that the circle of creation can be elevated into a spiral, in which better and better work are continuously being created.

email: info@minikino.org

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