The Minikino Film Week 9 Youth Jury Board is composed from last year’s Minikino Film Festival Writers Internship 2022.

Building on their last year experience and networking during their internship, the participants will further hone their acquired knowledge and insight as jury members. The Youth Jury Board will decide on one film to be the Youth Jury Award Winner 2023.

Minikino Film Week 9 proudly present the 2023 Youth Jury members:


Andika has been an Art Researcher at Biennale Jogja, and Film Festival Writer at Minikino Film Week 8. He is also a Founder of Roemah Partitoer Indonesia, a cultural organization working on inclusive literacy in Indonesia. Currently, he works as a Manager of Research and Film Archive Program at the Jogja-NETPAC Asian Film Festival (JAFF) and Outreach Director at FILMIN.ID, a community-based online film platform.


A recent graduate from Universitas Multimedia Nusantara (UMN) with a degree in film studies, she has a knack for keeping up with the latest trends in the industry. While she loves the creative side of filmmaking, her passion also extends to the promotional aspects of the field. Shara has previously worked as a social media officer for Minikino Film Week and a social media intern for Palari Films, while also working as a freelance scriptwriter.


Bintang is currently completing his education in Cinema Studies (Kajian Sinema) at the Jakarta Institute of the Arts, focusing on theoretical and critical approaches to cinema as a medium.  As a participant in the 2022 Festival Writers program, he contributed several articles about short films and the world of filmmaking to the Minikino Articles. In addition, Bintang has also written for various publications, including Cinémanic Magazine and Majalah Aksi. Bintang has also directed and written several short films including an experimental short that was screened at Imajitari 2022. Bintang’s passion for cinema has driven him to pursue a career that involves exploring the world of film beyond just filmmaking.


Vira is an Indonesian Language and Literature student who’s currently pursuing her bachelor’s degree at UIN Jakarta. She gained interest in gender equality issues, pop culture, Indonesian literature and theatre performance. Formerly a Film Festival Writer for MFW 8 and still aspires to contribute in Indonesian literature by being a writer. She also wrote short stories, poetry and participated in several writing competitions. During 2023 she has already done several activities including being involved in theatre performance “Sebagaimana Bilamana Adanya” by Teater Syahid UIN Jakarta as part of the makeup artist team.