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2019 Jury board consists of film professionals that are diverse in nationality, disciplines and gender. Jury Board members are invited to preview the 2019 nominated short films that have passed through the pre-selection. The judging process will be done by giving scores and writing personal comments on various aspects of the cinematic aspects of each film. The final results from the jury board are addressed as recommendations, and the final decision will be taken by the festival committee. Minikino Film Week 5 is honored to have their service.


JUKKA is the festival director of Tampere Film Festival. He has been involved with the selection and programming since 2000. As a festival director he shares the responsibility to strategic planning and programming with the co-director of the festival. Jukka-Pekka Laakso acts also as the executive director for Pirkanmaa Film Centre a local film centre in Tampere. The film centre is a non-profit organisation that runs an art-house cinema, distributes films in Finland and works extensively with media education. Jukka-Pekka Laakso is a member of European Film Academy.


SANCHAI is currently the Deputy Director of the Film Archive (Public Organisation), Thailand. He is also one of the programmers of the Thai Short Film and Video Festival and Silent Film Festival in Thailand as well as the selection committee for the SeaShorts Award in Malaysia and the guest short film programmer for Singapore International Film Festival.


MANDY is a prominent Indonesia’s film producer. She began her career as a film publicist, then as a line producer before producing her own films. She initiated her production house, Tanakhir Films in 2013. Tanakhir Films produces short films, web series, documentaries and feature films for cinemas.


PUTU is an alumnus of Amsterdam Hoogschool Voor Kunsten, directs and involves in various television and documentary productions. He is a social observer, writer and an entrepreneur based and lives in Lovina, North Bali. He runs the first Art-House Cinema in Buleleng region, and still the only Art-House Cinema in Buleleng until to date.


MFW5 Youth Jury Board is the result of an intensive three-day training program for youth age 13 to 17 years. They have been trained and prepared to hold honorable responsibilities as the Youth Jury Board 2019 of the Minikino Film Week 5, Bali International Short Film Festival.

The 2019 Youth Juries have reviewed and assessed the pre-selected short films through a comprehensive and critical discussion panel, writing and critical reviewing for 3 days, that took place in Denpasar, Bali.

Minikino Film Week 5 is proudly announce the Youth Jury Board members of 2019.


(b.2002) Kayla residing in Thailand, at the moment she is Grade 11. In her own words, “As a learning student filmmaker, Iā€™m always looking for ways to make my films special. Joining the Youth Jury Board gave me the opportunity to gain a new perspective towards film. Having watched over forty films back-to-back was quite the learning experience as I was challenged to select and critically rationalize among my peers the films that were the most special out of an already-handpicked bunch.”


(b.2004) At the moment, Qiu is Grade 9, residing in Bali. Through the MFW Youth Jury Camp 2019, she got a chance to preview the world best selection of short films and being critically discussed its context in an intense panel discussion with other participants in 2019. In her own words, “Joining the Youth Jury Camp gave me the opportunity to learn a lot, especially in analyzing a film. Even though I never expected to watched so many films in a day, it was really a pleasure and memorable experience.”


(b.2004) At the moment he is 3 SMP (Grade 9), residing in Jakarta. Richi is young filmmaker, he loves to make a short film specially documentary film and travel film. He believes that short films are films that particularly made with the aim of conveying massage to the audience.


(b.2003) At the moment Stella is Grade 10, residing in Bali. In her own words, “My love for the arts, film, creating, and learning opportunities. That’s what brought me to the Minikino Youth Jury Camp 2019. I didn’t know what to expect but after 40+ films, it’s safe to say that this experience has cultivated my capacity to analyse films, in a both critical and appreciative perspective.”. For her, a short film is something that should have the ability to capture a moment or story, just as well as a full-length feature should. It can project something lighter or show incredibly condensed depth, in any genres.