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Advisory Board members are professionals who are exclusively invited to closely monitor as well as provide information and advice during the festival’s preparations.

Advice is offered to the Board of Directors and festival managers on almost all matters regarding the festival’s management. Although Minikino highly respects the board’s opinions, it does not hold the authority to decide on festival matters and thus cannot be held responsible for any decision made by the festival committee.

Film Producer / Jakarta, IndonesiaMandy Marahimin started working in film as a publicist for “Ada Apa dengan Cinta? (What’s With Love?)” (2002), which held the record for the highest-grossed Indonesian film for 6 years and catapulted many young actors and actresses into stardom. In 2020 she was selected into Berlinale Talents. With her own production company, Tanakhir Film, and later Tala Media, she has produced some of Indonesia’s most outstanding feature, documentary, and short films.
Illustrator, Visual Artist / Bali, Indonesia
https://monez.net/Monez Gusmang has been working as a professional illustrator for 15 years. After working as a pattern designer for the garment industry, he started sharing his work on social media, where he began his successful career in illustration. His long list of clients includes: Procreate apps, Affinity by Serif, Starbucks, Havaianas, Bali Zoo, Grab, Walt Disney Indonesia and many more. Monez has done a variety of illustration work, design packaging, merchandise, and also murals.
Professional Photographer, Visual Storyteller / Bali, IndonesiaSyafiudin Vifick is a professional visual storyteller. Using photography as a medium, his work focuses on humanity, sociocultural, environmental, anthropological, and contemporary issues. His work was published in several media, such as National Geographic Traveler Indonesia, and Epicure Magazine. He has also recently taken up commercial photography projects. He initiated “Semut ireng”, a community focusing on pinhole photography, as well as the #SayaBercerita photography program, highlighting storytelling through photography.
Film Producer, Social Entrepreneur / Jakarta, IndonesiaAn independent producer at Rumah Pohon Indonesia, Ursula Tumiwa has produced various documentaries, short and feature films in Indonesia. She is also the co-founder of kisahpedia.id, an Instagram page and Youtube channel, both platforms featuring Indonesian content promoting nationality, tolerance and humanity.


The MFW8 International Jury Board consists of art, literature and film professionals, diverse in nationality, disciplines and gender. Board members are invited to preview the 2022 nominated short films which have passed the 2022 official selection.
The international juries will decide on the winner in each category for:

  • MFW Best Short Film of the Year Award 2022
  • MFW8 Best Children Short Award
  • MFW8 Best Fiction Short Award
  • MFW8 Best Documentary Short Award
  • MFW8 Best Animation Short Award
  • MFW8 Best Experimental Short Award

The board provides recommendations based on the juries’ personal written comments regarding various cinematic aspects of the nominated films. The final decision is reached during the festival following deliberation meetings among the jury members.

Minikino Film Week 8 is honored to welcome as jury members:

Leong Puiyee

Senior Manager at Objectifs, Film Programmer/ Singapore

Leong Puiyee is an arts manager and film programmer based in Singapore. She was program manager for the short film section of the Singapore International Film Festival (SGIFF) from 2014 to 2019. She was part of the short film preselection team at the 2020 Busan International Film Festival and the 2020-2021 Bangkok ASEAN Film Festival’s short film selection team. Puiyee is currently a senior manager at Objectifs-Centre for Photography and Film managing the film programmes and projects.

Sound Engineer, Producer, Festival Director Ubud Village Jazz Festival/ Bali, Indonesia
https://www.antidamusic.com/Anom Darsana is a graduate in French literature and sound engineering from Switzerland. He is the founder of Antida Music Production, an internationally acclaimed recording studio in Bali. He has been involved in various music and art festivals in Bali, including the Ubud Village Jazz Festival (2013-present) and Audiobookportal.com (2020) among others. He also dedicates his expertise and resources to various creative and social activism projects, such as the Malu Dong Environment Festival and producing several online streaming art stages.
Hawa Essuman

Film Director / Nairobi, Kenya

Hawa Essuman is a writer and director based in Nairobi, Kenya. She has directed a number of short and feature film projects, including Silas, which premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival and Soul Boy, which screened at over 40 film festivals worldwide. She is also the co-founder of Manyatta Screenings and supports the next generation of African filmmakers by running master classes, workshops and panels about filmmaking across the continent.

The judging process for National Competition will be done in 2(two) round.

  • The 1st (First) round will decide the nominees for National Competition final round.
  • The Final round will decide the winner of the National Competition Award 2022.

MFW8 National Jury board consists of art, literature and film professionals that are diverse in cultural background, disciplines and gender. Board members are invited to preview the 2022 nominated Indonesia’s short films that have passed through the 2022 Official Selection.

Minikino Film Week 8 is honored to have their service.


Final Round National Jury Board will decide the winner of the National Competition Award 2022

Film Critic / Jakarta, Indonesia
https://ericsasono.comEric Sasono is an Indonesian film critic who obtained his doctoral degree in film studies from King’s College London in 2019. He co-founded the Indonesian Film Society, a London-based community group to screen films regularly in London and to promote Indonesian culture to the UK public and beyond. For ten years (2009-2019), Eric was the executive board’s secretary of YMMFI, the Indonesian Independent Film Society Foundation, that established the Indonesian Documentary Center (In-Docs) and organized the now-defunct Jakarta International Film Festival (JIFFest). Eric has co-written a book about the Indonesian film industry and edited a volume about Southeast Asian cinema. He is now working in a Jakarta-based civil society organization while working on his research about ‘film Islami’. Eric is actively blogging on ericsasono.com
Director BOGOSHORTS, Director of LABORATORIOS BLACK VELVET / Bogotá, Columbia
https://festival.bogoshorts.com/Founder and director of LABORATORIOS BLACK VELVET, an integral film management company, he is one of the founding members of the Colombian Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences – ACACC. Founder and director of the Bogotá Short Film Festival, BOGOSHORTS, conceptual designer of the #BOGOSHORTSMovement and strategist of distribution agency #BOGOSHORTSFilmAgency. Founder and editor for 20 years of #PANTALLACOLOMBIA, a weekly newsletter about Colombian cinema, owned by Proimágenes Colombia, he has been jury and/or programmer in several film festivals including Tampere Film Festival (Finland), Festival du Nouveau Cinéma de Montréal (Canada), Curta Cinema (Brazil), Interfilm Berlin (Germany), among others. He has also worked as a teacher in many film programs at the Externado de Colombia, Jorge Tadeo Lozano and Politécnico Grancolombiano universities, and as a professor of Film Distribution and Marketing as part of the International School of Film and TV – EICTV’s production program, in San Antonio de los Baños, Cuba.
Film Producer / Jakarta, IndonesiaSince 2004, Meiske Taurisia has been actively involved in several short and feature film productions. In 2016 she co-founded Palari Films and produced Posesif (2017, SGIFF), as well as Aruna & Her Palate (2018, Culinary Cinema, Berlinale). Both films won several awards, for Best Director (Edwin), Best Actress (Putri Marino), Best Adaptation (Titien Wattimena) and Best Supporting Actor (Nicholas Saputra). In 2021, she released Ali & Ratu Ratu Queens, a Netflix Original, which became the most searched Indonesian film on Google. In the same year, Vengeance Is Mine, All Others Pay Cash, which she produced, world premiered and won the Golden Leopard at the Locarno International Film Festival. She founded the Cipta Citra Indonesia Foundation in 2012, which supports the independent film ecosystem through organizations and initiatives such as Kolektif (distribution), Kinosaurus (micro cinema) and LOCK (film lab).


1st Round National Jury Board will decide 5 nominees of the National Competition Award 2022, to be forwarded to Final Round National Juries.

Festival Director Aceh Film Festival, Film Programmer / Aceh, IndonesiaHe is Aceh Film Festival’s Programming Director. He’s been a foreign correspondent for sindie.sg, an editorial platform that observes the culture of Southeast Asian films, and is an alumni of the Asian Cinema Education Course “Criticism Film – Long Written Forms. Film Analysis, Essay and Review”, a program initiated by Five Flavors Asian Film Festival. He has been Indonesia Raja’s programmer for Aceh since 2021.
Journalist, Film Programmer / Bali, IndonesiaHe has been working as a television journalist for 6 years, including as a journalist for Kompas TV in Buleleng Regency. In 2017, he joined the Mahima community’s film division and has actively produced documentary and fiction short films. He has been a programmer for Indonesia Raja since 2019.
Rasyid Faqih

Filmmaker, Programmer, Screen Writer / Yogyakarta, Indonesia

He graduated from the Yogyakarta Indonesian Art Institute’s Faculty of Recording Media Arts, specializing in film and television studies. He has been part of Minikino Film Week’s preselection committee and programming team since 2021. He is the new Indonesia Raja programmer for the Yogyakarta region.

Nosa Normanda

Anthropologist, Filmmaker, Lecturer / Jakarta, Indonesia

An anthropologist, filmmaker, producer and lecturer, he once worked as a journalist in the United States of America and has made dozens of short films. In 2019, he founded Mondiblanc Film Workshop, a film, media and business workshop. This year, he will produce his first feature film. He has been the programmer for Indonesia Raja Jakarta since 2021.

Director & Programmer Festival Film Bahari Cirebon / Cirebon, IndonesiaFounder of the Cinema Cirebon film community, she is also the director of Festival Film Bahari. In addition to the annual festival, she organizes screening events with local communities in Cirebon. She has been working as a Programmer for the Indonesia Raja for Cirebon and West Java region since 2018.

Filmmaker, Programmer / Padangpanjang, Indonesia

He has been involved in several film productions and film-related activities in West Sumatra since 2015, as well as in CWW International Film Lab, Bali (2019). He was a Makara Emas Awards jury member for the University of Indonesia short film competition (2019-2020). A curator for “Program Semester Pendek” by Kolektif Film in 2021, he became a programmer for Indonesia Raja Padangpanjang that same year.

Gerry Junus

Film Programmer, KDM Cinema / Yogyakarta, Indonesia

Programming director of KDM Cinema, he also serves as chairman of the Jogja Film Commission’s exhibition division. In addition, he organizes screening events together with Club Sinema Sisifus in Salatiga.


The MFW8 Youth Jury Board is composed of the Minikino hybrid film festival writers internship 2021 Cohort. Building on this past experience and networking, the participants will further hone their acquired knowledge and insight as jury members. The Youth Jury Board will decide on the Youth Jury Award winner.

Minikino Film Week 8 is honored to have as jury members:

Filmmaker / Bali, Indonesia
IG: @erde.rede

(b. 2000) He is a freelance screenwriter for feature films and a director of independent short films and music videos under the collective, Poolside Studios. Formerly a festival writer for MFW7, he gained an interest in film criticism and the festival circuit. His various interests boil down to how films reflect the dynamics of human relationships. He is currently working as Marketing Coordinator of Minikino Studio.

Philosophy Graduates / Bandung, Indonesia
IG: @asaptipis(b. 1997) Ozi just completed his studies at the Faculty of Philosophy, Universitas Gadjah Mada. He is interested in issues related to equality, modernity-coloniality, and audio-visual culture. At the beginning of the pandemic, he co-produced Cinémanic Magazine, a printed magazine discussing film-related topics.

Film Student / Bali, Indonesia
IG: @nobodycanequalme

(b.1999, she/they) Azel has gained experience in various artistic and cultural disciplines, focusing on art management, film programming and creative writing. She was selected to participate in several art workshops held by Beijing Normal University, Yayasan Biennale Yogyakarta, and Museum MACAN. She was involved in Festival Film Dokumenter 2020. She is currently working with In-Docs, while finishing her studies at the Indonesia Institute of Arts, Yogyakarta.

Literature Graduates / Yogyakarta, Indonesia
IG: @tirzakanya

(b. 2000), Tirza Kanya Bestari recently graduated (hon.) in English literature from Universitas Sanata Dharma, Yogyakarta. Alongside choreographing for musical theater, the Yogyakarta-based spends a lot of her time juggling various festivals. She is currently aspiring to her technicolor dream and would love to continue her exploration of art, particularly dance and film.