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ReelOzInd! Film Festival Program 1 – FLUX Kerobokan

ReelOzInd! is the first short film competition to bring Australian and Indonesian filmmakers together to share their work and stories in the same forum. For this inaugural 2016 competition films must reference the theme neighbour/ tetangga.

ReelOzInd! program in the 2nd Minikino Film Week brings the competition’s selected films which have been previously showcased at various locations in Australia and Indonesia.

Watch the program at FLUX – Kerobokan on Sun 09 October. 11 selected films will be screened at 18:00. The screening will be followed by discussion with Dery Prananda (Indonesian director), Professor Krishna Sen (Australian academician), Kevin Evans (Indonesian Director, Australia-Indonesia Centre) dan Ganapati Wraspati, (Indonesian Director/Student).


84 minutes



  • Minikino Film Week 2016 | Min/Sun 09 October 2016, 18:00, FLUX – Kerobokan

Heaven of children

A boy and girl explore an abandoned cinema and find a roll of film that they begin to watch. They are thrown out by security before they finish the film so they try to imagine the ending.

2016 | Indonesia | Fiction
Amir Masoud Soheili

Rain n Neighbour

Two neighbours live peacefully in a small village. Poo has a big and well-built house. But it is different for Pii. Pii has a simple house and the roof is missing tiles. Even though they come from different situations, Poo always welcomes Pii when rain comes.

2016 | Indonesia | Animation/ Youth
Ganapati Wraspati

Finding home

A lonely object begins to look for his family and home. Traveling along all kinds of terrain, he meets some of his own kind along the way, joining his quest. But will they ever find home? And where does it lie?

Radheya Jegatheva (screenwriter) | 2015 | Australia | Animation/ Youth
Radheya Jegatheva

Chasing Dangdut

Icha is a housemaid with a big crush on a famous dangdut singer, Jay. One day, Icha wins a prize from a quiz on the radio to meet Jay. Her happiness didn’t last long, as her master didn’t allow her to go. Let’s see Icha’s struggle to chase her dream.

Aulion Wirizqi (producer) | 2016 | Indonesia | Fiction
Gisela Levy
director/ writer

The Crowded Bridge (Jembatan Sibuk)

Two daily activities that are always repeated, collaborating peacefully and keeping peace by not distracting each other at Gunung Sago Bridge at Lambung Bukit, Pauh District, Padang, West Sumatera, Indonesia. The daily routine of sand diggers who works downside of the bridge and drivers who use the bridge access every day. The bridge conditions which needs to be repaired does not make them afraid of these circumstance.

2016 | Indonesia | Documentary
David Darmadi

The Eagles’ Eyes

Uneven development, centralized only in the capitals, forces Melky and his acquaintance to find a job in Jakarta, a city strange to them. People’s stereotype about the eastern Indonesian fellow builds a new work structure. Having limited options, Melky becomes a part of the minority.

2016 | Indonesia | Documentary
Wisnu Dewa Broto

Dog and Robot

A 3D animated short film set a few years in the future. A dog and a cleaning robot are left at home each day when the owner goes to work.

2016 | Australia | Animation
Blair Harris

Behind the mask

Ari, an Indonesian mask dancer, has just arrived in Australia for a study. She experienced a culture shock, and is currently struggling to overcome depression and loneliness. She thought that it would be different should she had her mask back. Unexpectedly, she received a present from a person that could be called as a stranger. She has started to build friendship since then.

Wenny Sunarharum (screenwriter) | 2016 | Indonesia/Australia | Fiction
Johan Ramandias

Miner’s Walk: Supeno

Supeno is the third generation to work as a sulphur miner at the Ijen Crater, Indonesia. But this is one family tradition that Supeno does not want to pass down.

Niken Pamikatsih (producer) | 2016 | Indonesia/Australia | Documentary
Josephine Lie


When two young brothers move out to rural Australia, they are forced to confront a darker side to their relationship.

2016 | Australia | Fiction
Sarah Christie


A young man wants to bring his father’s body back to their hometown. It is a journey that brought an unexpected response from others.

2016 | Indonesia | Fiction
Dery Prananda