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Minikino Film Week

MINIKINO FILM WEEK (MFW) is an International Short Film Festival in Bali, Indonesia, which initiated in 2015 designed as an annual event.

A unique programs of Short Film Festival to read the position and reality of short films of Indonesia and the World.

MINIKINO FILM WEEK is designed as an International Short Film Festival that goes further into the everyday life of the local community, where the screen are held to give an opportunity for everyone, to experience the atmosphere of watching films together. Furthermore, it builds a space to meet and greet, and have conversation about the film they just see, express their opinions and be critical about what they have just seen.


MINIKINO FILM WEEK is always open for public. By providing age-guidance, MFW assigns responsibility for the community to choose their show that might appropriate for them to watch.

Visit MINIKINO FILM WEEK site to get further information.