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Griya Musik Irama Indah, Denpasar
Sunday, 18 January 2004, 17:00 WITA
Contact: Santi Mulyawati
M: +62 (0)815 573 5678

QB World Books Kemang
Jakarta Selatan
Wednesday, January 2004, 17:00 WIB
Contact: Rizadini Haryanto
M: +62 (0)812 8 390 480

Oktagon Gallery, Jakarta Pusat
Sunday, 25 January 2004, 13:00 WIB
Contact: Andrew Linggar
M: +62 (0)818 955 010

Toko Buku Kecil, Bandung
(TBA) January 2004, 17:00 WIB
Contact: Tarlen Handayani
M: +62 (0)818 421 940

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It’s New Year All Over Again

It might only take a second to say “time,” but the concept lasts our whole life. “Copy Shop” (Virgil Widrich, Austria 2001) takes this concept further, playing around, not only with time, but also with place and identity. While in “Das Rad” (Steiner, Uibel, and Wittlinger, Germany 2001) we see place and identity evolve through time, in “Dangle,” (Phil Trail, Germany/UK 2003) we start nowhere, at no obvious time, and end even further. And, for those who will definitely come to an end someday (but then again, who doesn’t?), “How to Cope with Death” (Ignacio Ferreras, UK 2001) offers some great tips on how to behave when the time comes.

Programmer: Tintin Wulia
Moderator: Edwin, Santi Mulyawati, Tarlen Handayani
Online Moderator/Translator: Tintin Wulia

Philip Traill, director of “Dangle” (Germany/UK, 2003, 05:54) will be attending the chat session.
Chat session will start Wednesday, 21 January 2004, 20:00 WIB, 21:00 WITA, or 13:00 UK Time
“[…] we made Dangle at the Berlin Film Festival’s first Talent Campus. And we made it in just six days – filmed on Sunday day and Monday night, and then edited all week … so that it could be shown on the Friday night!” – Phil Traill


RAUM UND ZEIT (Space and Time)
Oliver Kratzer, Germany 2002, 01:27

Trapped in a timeless box. No space, no time, no one.



Virgil Widrich, Austria 2001, 11:30

Working at a copy shop, a man finds out that even though there was only him alone yesterday, there would be more of us today. Tomorrow, who knows, perhaps all of us might be all around the city.

This film has won 33 awards, and nominated for Oscar for Best Short Film – Live Action. Screened at Minikino through the courtesy of KurzFilmAgentur Hamburg/Hamburg Short Film Agency.



Philip Traill, Germany/UK 2003, 05:54

On a quite snowy day, a man wandres in nature. What he finds surprises him and the whole world.

Best Talent Movie of the Week, Berlinale Talent Campus 2003. Screened at Minikino through the courtesy of KurzFilmAgentur Hamburg/Hamburg Short Film Agency.



Chris Steiner, Heidi Wittlinger, and Arvid Uibel, Germany 2001, 08:30

Hew and Kew are made of rocks. Hew and Kew talk, and a chat amongst stones can take quite a while.

75th Academy Awards 2003 Nominee, Short Film/Animation category. Screened at Minikino through the courtesy of KurzFilmAgentur Hamburg/Hamburg Short Film Agency.



Ignacio Ferreras, UK 2001, 05:00

When Death comes to you, what else could an old woman do?


Short Bio: Philip Traill
Phil Traill studied English and Film Studies at Newcastle University, England. His first job was as a trainee on the TV show The Big Breakfast, and he then spent five years producing and directing different TV shows. In 1998 Phil started making short films and have made four now – HICCUP, FLIPPED, POST and DANGLE. Awards won include BBC British Short Film Festival, Cinema Jove (twice), Rushes Soho Short Film Festival and Best Movie at the first Berlinale Talent Campus.
Phil have since written four feature screenplays – ROCKING THE BOAT, POBBY AND DINGAN, SPECKS IN THE SKY and FLIPPED. He will direct all of them except POBBY AND DINGAN, which is to be directed by Peter ‘The Full Monty’ Cattaneo this summer.

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