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MMSD March 2022: NYFA Selected Shorts

MMSD March 2022: NYFA selected shorts
Program Duration: 01:16:22
Programmers: Leong Puiyee & Fransiska Prihadi

Program Note:
The diverse mix of films featured in this programme range from new beginnings, bizarre environments, to the intricate yet complicated relationships we have with families.These films reflect the joy, sadness, fear and hope through the eyes of these young filmmakers.

National Youth Film Awards (NYFA) is a programme under *SCAPE (Singapore) that provides youth filmmakers with opportunities and connects them with industry players. It aims to be the launching pad for emerging filmmakers into the industry. Beyond an award platform, NYFA is committed to nurture the aspiration, vision, and creative spirit of our youths.

Check out www.scape.sg/nyfa for more information.

YOGYAKARTA| 17 Maret 2022, 18:30WIB
KamISInema | Ruang Auvi Gedung Dekanat FSMR Lt.3 ISI YOGYAKARTA | maps: https://maps.app.goo.gl/mTSn349e9sjfsMZZ9 | Kontak: Mega – 082142169819
CIREBON | 18 Maret 2022, 19:00WIB
CINEMA CIREBON X BARAJA COFFEE SILIWANGI | Jalan Kedrunan No 11 (Belakang hotel Metland) Cirebon | maps: https://g.page/barajacoffee?share | IG: @_cinemacirebon
BULELENG, BALI |25 Maret 2022 Jam 19.00 WITA
KOMUNITAS MAHIMA | Jl. Pantai Indah III, No. 46, Desa Baktiseraga Buleleng, Bali | maps: https://maps.app.goo.gl/fggbihgj7nHZLkR8A | Kontak +62 821-4757-9351 | IG: @komunitas_mahima
DENPASAR, BALI | 25 Maret 2022 jam 19:30 WITA
MASH Denpasar Art House Cinema | Jl. Pulau Madura no 3, Denpasar, Bali | map: https://minikino.org/mashdenpasar | IG: @MASHDenpasar
YOGYAKARTA | 30 Maret 2022, 18:30WIB
KLUB DIY MENONTON X BALAKOSA COFFE & Co. |  Jl. Nologaten, Caturtunggal, Sleman. Daerah Istimewa Yogyakarta 55281 | maps: https://goo.gl/maps/bZUEsvCcMQsRu7Bt5 | IG: @balakosa.co
ACEH| 28 Maret 2022, 20:00WIB
Miniteater BPNB Aceh | Jl. Twk. Hasyim Banta Muda No.17, Mulia, Kec. Kuta Alam, Kota Banda Aceh, Aceh 23123 | maps: https://goo.gl/maps/KnRSUoxrncDxruQr5 | Kontak: 085277805052


Vishal Daryanomel / 0:16:18 / Singapore / 2021
Partition is a short observational documentary. Inspired by the life of a woman who was born in Hyderabad, Sindh, grew up in Madras (Chennai) and lived the rest of her life as a Singaporean, the film juxtaposes fragmented recollections of the past with enduring practices of the present.
FB: https://www.facebook.com/vissiles.dar
IG: @vissilingtrivialities

Yanyun Chen / 0:02:27 / Singapore / 2021
What are artists to do when they are just not needed? With hindsight, this short animation offers a glimpse of a Singaporean artist’s life under lockdown, in the only way they know how: a new work.
FB & IG: @yanyunchendrawings

Elizabeth Xu Yuan Li / 0:01:15 / Singapore / 2020
When I came out to my church over the summer, my mentor spent three months hosting a book club to help me fight the urge to stray from God. I sat with them and I prayed and I really thought that maybe with time I could learn what it truly meant to Love.
IG: @exu.de

Syamsul Bahari / 0:18:32 / Singapore / 2020
Izwan, a quiet young boy, contemplates on releasing Bulan, a Hercules beetle he inherited from his late grandfather. He chooses to keep Bulan but in doing so, strains the relationshop with his mother.
FB: https://www.facebook.com/samboy931/
IG: @samboy931

Calleen Koh Yee Lin / 0:10:59 / Singapore / 2021
To Kill the Birds & the Bees follows 3 separate stories of 4 average Singaporeans – a pair of young twins, a secondary school prefect, and a conservative housewife – who each encounter sexual situations in their day.
IG: @calleenkoh, @tktbatb_2021

Morrie Tan / 0:09:06 / Singapore / 2021
Month after month, Ting makes a trip to visit Father in prison. Forced to carry the emotional burden as a child of an incarcerated parent and a victim of circumstances, she is offered an opportunity for connection with Father but only through a glass panel in a windowless cell.
IG: @artgapelove

Tan Jit Jenn / 0:17:45 / Singapore / 2021
The documentary Wallflowers in the Parade begins with a prayer from a father about his son’s move into prison in a few day’s time. The filmmakers also follow past Jehovah’s Witness men who were imprisoned.
IG: @_jjtan

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