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24 August 2003, Minikino Monthly Screening & Discussion

Sunday, August 24, 2003, 13.00 WIB
(free entry – please be on time)

Jl. Gunung Sahari Raya 50A
Jakarta Pusat
Tel. +62 21 4204545


Mass Grave
Lexy Rambadeta, 2002, Indonesia

When the bones of the military massacre victims of March 1966 were found in Wonosobo in 2002, old wounds resurface. This documentary shows how the conflict stays unresolved until present-day Indonesia.
Best Documentary Film, SET Award, FFVII, Indonesia, 2002


Jimmy Jenseits
Romeo Grünfelder, 1993, Germany

Jimmy carries unorthodox mourning work out in its living room over the not-carried out act of interhuman approximation.
Special Prize of Hessian Broadcast, Germany, 1993


Violence Against Fruits
Tintin Wulia, 2000, Indonesia

Why don’t you just eat the dogs instead? Enjoy the dissembowelment of Diospyros Kaki right in front of your eyes. Inspired by the May 1998 Jakarta riot.
Best Conceptual Film, Kuldesak Award, FFVII, Indonesia, 2002


Defeat on the Issues
Don Collingridge, 2002, Australia

An insight into our social makeup, this documentary allows the audience to compare their expectations of others’ dress behaviour and attitude to reality, by way of honest responses to irrelevant but nonetheless important questions.
Finalist, MAFIA Documentary Awards, Australia, 2002

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