Griya Musik Irama Indah, Denpasar
Friday, 28 January 2005, 19:00 WITA
Contact: Edo Wulia, M: +62 (0)856 376 2832

QB World Books Kemang, Jakarta Selatan
Wednesday, 19 January 2005, 17:00 WIB
Contact: Shafiq Pontoh, M: +62 (0)856 216 7071

Oktagon Gallery, Jakarta Pusat
Sunday, 23 January 2005, 13:00 WIB
Contact: Dian Siswandi, M: +62 (0)816 115 6999

Warung Apresiasi, Jakarta
Friday, 28 January 2005, 19:00 WIB
Contact: Mima Komaling, M: +62 (0)856 882 7582

Ja’an Event House, Kuta
Sunday, 30 January 2005, 20 :00 WIB
Contact: Edo Wulia, M: +62 (0)856 376 2832

This month will be a focus on filmmaker Davide Pepe (Italy).
Davide Pepe is more an experimental short filmmaker. His films have been shown in some festival around the globe. The theme in his films are usually about the fear and the dark side of his life that he is trying to get over with. He always uses super 8 and Mini DV camera because he thinks those two formats represents his visual approach best. He has made numerous music videos that music and soundscape in his films become one of the most important factor.
Short Bio:
Davide Pepe was born in Brindisi, Italy in 1970. He graduated from Bologna University majoring computer science. He wroked as director and editor for various television commercials, music video and short films. He was selected as a jury in short video competition in Turin Gay and Lesbian Film Festival in 2004.

Programmer (Guest Programmer for Minikino): John Badalu
Born in 1971 in Makassar, John Badalu has been out of his hometown for more than half of his life time. He is the director of Q! Film Festival and has been working as programmers and other positions in some film festivals like Turin Gay and Lesbian Film Festival, Hamburg Gay and Lesbian, JIFFest, Cinemasia Film Festival in Amsterdam, Rome Asian Film Festival and Barcelona Gay and Lesbian Film Festival. In 2003, John was selected to be one of the independent jury at Berlin Film Festival.


Through The Looking Glass
Davide Pepe, Italy 2002, 23 minutes

The mirror, the window and the phone define the green room of a woman. Lost amongst the objects of her world, she will painfully recall the lost conscience of her memories.


Selamat Tinggal (Balinese Inner Journey)
Davide Pepe, Italy 2002, 23 minutes

This is an experimental documentary on Indonesia. The focus is on transmitting the travel feelings captured by a super8 camera. People, temples, statues, moving from some place to the other have been filmed in the most natural way and in different step-speeds, trying to produce a state, in who’s watching it, that allows a double trip. It’s a path to discover both geographical/physical place and inner spaces.


At The End of The Garden There Are Two Children
Davide Pepe, Italy 2003, 16 minutes

Two lovers met in the same dream in order to accept the death of their love story. In the same night, a girl is killed. All of them will be plunged in a surreal-natural space where there are two children that keep and rule the place.

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