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S-Express Chinese 2013 [Screening& Discussion September 2014]

Venue : Griya Musik Irama Indah
Curated by Maggie Lee

Saturday, TBA September 2014 | Free of Charge | 19.30 – 21.30 PM (Indonesia Central Time)

“S-Express Chinese 2013”

“The Grandpa’s Secret”

/ 15 min. / Director: Xi Ran

Lin Chengle hurries back to his hometown Cheng du from Shanghai after hearing that his grandpa is ill. He sees his grandpa watching TV alone in the upstairs of his parents’ teahouse. Chengle is very excited to see his grandpa again, however, he finds that he cannot recognize his loved grandson. Chengle is upset, he decided to stay and take care of his grandfather. In the last days they spend together, the grandpa still cannot recognize Chengle, but this does not hinder their happy time. After sending his grandpa to the heaven, Chengle dreams of him and knows his grandpa’s secret finally.

“Farewell, Hot Pot”

15 min. / Director: Ma Shi

One day in 2013, all of the hot pots are disappeared. Almost reports on TV are about the people from all over the country sending the ingredients of the hot pot to Chengdu. Meanwhile, Yang Ting cannot reach Yao Shuang by phone. He finally finds her in her home. Yao Shuang is extremely painful for the disappearance of the hot pot. Yang Ting angrily finds that Yao Shuang’s boyfriends Li Yuanchao is not along with her. He is told a big secret about the hot pot while he is about going to ask Li Yuanchao why he is not stay here and accompany Yao Shuang. This is a secret about destroying the world. A war of saving both hot pot and the earth begins.

“One Night in Chengdu”

15 min. / Director: Shao Yuan

Jiang Chao, a panda keeper, decides to pack up his luggage and leave Chengdu because of the panda, Yuanyuan, which he raises will be sent to New Zealand as a gift of friendship. On the way, he suddenly reminds that the panda doll is left in the toystore. He promised to bring this doll to his friend. In front of the door of the toystore, he meets Fu Mengni, who has just lost her boyfriend. They spend a night together. What will happen to these two kids who are both facing the losing of something?

“From Here to There”

29 min. / Director: Norris , Wong Yee Lam

Jae and Him were inseparable as teenagers. Their bond was so strong that it went far beyond just a normal friendship. However, like many schoolyard friendships, the two eventually had a falling out and stopped seeing each other. A decade later, the wedding of a common friend reunites the two, bringing back the hostilities that drove them apart in the first place. When Him gets drunk at the wedding party, Jae is asked to drive him home. A simple night drive across the city turns into a journey to their complicated past as they make detours to old landmarks and we see the events that led to their fallout. Will they be able to bury the hatchet, and will they be able to continue their friendship from where they left off?

S-EXPRESS is a regional collaboration in short films program, includes screenings and talks by filmmakers and curators from the participating countries (Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Philippines, and Chinese) is an insight to developments of the filmmaking in Asia.

Maggie Lee is Asia Head Reviewer for The Hollywood Reporter. She is also associate curator for Singapore’s film and arts organization Substation, and curator of independent Chinese films for S Express – a touring festival of Asian films. She worked for the editorial and programming sections of Tokyo International Film Festival (Winds of Asia), Shorts Shorts Film Festival Asia in Japan, Hong Kong International Film Festival and Hong Kong Film Archive.

Saturday, TBA September 2014 | Free of Charge | 19.30 – 21.30 PM (Indonesia Central Time)
Mini Hall Griya Musik Irama Indah
Jl. Diponegoro 114
Denpasar – Bali
tel/fax: (0361)226886 / (0361)237567
Screening Officer:
Nirartha | 08176909319
Retno | 083114216263

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